22nd November 2014

Bubs 9 week update

Not too much has changed really. We are still up twice a night which I find so hard.

This week we have all had colds and its been even harder having next to no sleep and still having to be up all day with the kids. However I manage to get through it and by about 2000 I start to wake up and then I’m not tired for bed.

I have really started to notice this week that Bubs soon will not be able to fit in his moses basket. I really don’t want him to go into his cot yet he seems far to small. My baby is growing up far to fast.

Still on 6 oz Milk every 3-4 hours

Still in 0-3 month clothing

Not been weighed this week


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10 responses to “Bubs 9 week update”

  1. Kimberley Robinson says:

    Awww blesss he is lovely

  2. Natasha Whenham says:

    He’s gorgeous. I feel for you with the lack of sleep though!

  3. claire willmer says:

    So precious! time soon flies and they do grow far to fast xx

  4. Danielle Vedmore says:

    He is just adorable! Everyone seems to have colds this month – me included! Hope everyone feels better soon! xoxo

  5. it’s amazing how quickly they grow out of the moses basket!

  6. tonkatol says:

    Sometimes, I wish a newborn baby could stay as tiny and needy for just a little bit longer, but then, the next stage, when they start smiling and interacting a little more, it becomes so exciting and rewarding.

  7. Emily Knight says:

    What a gorgeous little one! 😀 Sorry to hear about the colds – seem to be wiping everyone out at the moment 🙁

  8. Laura Cooper says:

    Such a sweetie. The sleep thing is a killer isn’t it? For the first few weeks my little girl would only sleep on me, meaning I barely slept at all.

  9. Martine Robinson says:

    Oh this is so cute!! Cherish the memories x

  10. Julia Plant says:

    My daughter is 5 months and still fits in her moses basket (albeit a bit snug) LOL. And I am still not getting much sleep!

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