3rd March 2015

Bubs 21 week update

5 months or 21 weeks and my little Bubs is growing up so fast.

He isn’t quite rolling over yet but he is almost there, with a little bit more practice it will be real soon. Not yet sitting up on his own but he is still loving the Bumbo and his bouncy chair.

He now eats different types of fruit and veg, some he loves some he hates. His favourite is sweet potato which he has had quite a bit. He loves melon, pear, apple and banana and gets so excited when he sees me with a bowl and spoon walking over to him. ¬†Tomorrow I am making butternut squash soup so will see how he likes that. Have to say broccoli didn’t go down to well. Will be nice when he can have nice meals blended up rather than just singles veg and single food. Id love to hear any suggestion from anyone on nice things to make.

I had him weighed on Thursday 26th Feb and he was 21lbs 5 oz he is a chubby little monkey, however Little Man was the exact same and now his weight is fine. I am not worried he is on the heavy side as I know as soon as he starts crawling around and walking and running he will burn it off very quick.

He is still wearing 3-6 month clothes. His vests though and his sleep suits are now 6-9 months. He is wearing 3+ nappies soon going into size 4.

Poor Little Bubs has had an awful cold now for around 5 weeks and we keep having to go back to the doctors for them to check his chest. Hate seeing either of my babies poorly.

Here is Bubs 21 week old picture


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