7th January 2015

Bubs 16 week update

We now have a 16 week old baby and it really is crazy. My baby boy is growing up and becoming his own little person, with his own little personality.

Bubs knows what he wants and he knows how to wrap me around his little finger at this age already. He knows if  he cries I pick him up and cuddle him I am so obsessed with him. I think this is partly because he is my last baby.

He is now on 8oz bottles every 4 hours. His last bottle is around 10pm and he will then sleep straight through till 0800-0900 in the morning. How lucky are we. This was the same with Little Man as well so we feel blessed.

Bubs is now in 3-6 month clothes, he weighs 17lbs as of the 29th December and he is 66cm long. We are still on the SMA lactose free milk.



We have a routine now that has fallen into place over the last few weeks. A typical day for us goes something like this

0900 wake up
0915 bottle

Then have a play, tummy time, bounce in the bouncy chair

1115 have a sleep for about 30 mins
1145-1200 ish wake up

Play Time

1300 another bottle

chill out, watch a bit of tv, sit in chair whilst Mummy cleans, play on play Mat

1500 Sleep for about an hour to hour and half
1630 wakes up
1700 next bottle

Time with Mummy, Tummy time,

2100-2130 bottle
2200 Bed time

The repeat this all again in the morning…

This does sometimes vary depending on what we do in the day, so if we go in the car daytime sleep may be slightly more.



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