12th June 2016

Broken Collarbone

On Wednesday last week (8th June 2016) it was about 1230 and the phone rang. I was just feeding Bubs so rushed over to get the phone quickly. It was the school… They said that Little Man had fallen over at school on the grass and hurt his shoulder. He seemed very distressed and was very upset, they would like me to go and collect him. Me thinking he was just over reacting a bit decided to finish feeding Bubs then walk round to the school.

About half hour later I got to school and picked up Little Man. He was upset but didn’t seem like he was in masses of pain. I managed to get him a doctors appointment as I didn’t fancy a 2 hour + wait in A&E. We saw a nurse practitioner who said she was pretty sure it wasn’t broken but just badly bruised. If she had said she though it was broken then I would have gone straight to hospital. I took him home, gave him Calpol and decided to wait to see how he was. I thought after a couple of hours he would start using it again once the pain got better.

I sent him into school on Thursday and I went into work. He was still holding his arm down beside him and not moving it at all. After school on Thursday the teacher said he hadn’t been using it at all and it was then I started to worry a bit thinking it may be more than what the nurse thought. He went all through Thursday night saying it felt better than the day before so I thought it was getting better. On Friday morning he said it was hurting again and he still wasn’t moving it at all. When my Mum arrived to looked after Bubs for the day (I work Friday) I decided to take him to the hospital.

We arrived there at about 9am and were seen within half hour. The doctor we saw said she was pretty certain Little Man had broken his collarbone and he needed to go straight for an X-ray. I was absolutely gutted for him because if for one minute I thought it was broken on the Wednesday I would have taken him straight away. I however trusted the nurse we saw and thought no it’s not broken she said she was pretty sure it was just badly bruised.

Off we went round to X-ray and the lady was so lovely, Little Man was really scared and thought it was going to hurt him. Once she had got him in position we both went behind the screen and she took the picture. To my utter shock and horror I saw the X-ray on the screen come up straight away and sure enough I could see straight away his collarbone was broken. I was so upset and the guilt I felt was awful, I was so angry with myself for not taking him to A&E first off rather than going to the doctors. The lady took one more X-ray and we then had to go outside and wait to be seen again.


All the time we were waiting I knew his collar-bone was broken, I had no idea how they would treat it and even if he would need surgery. Little Man kept asking me if it was broken and I was honest with him and told him from what I saw yes it was. I wasn’t going to lie to him and say no for the doctor to then tell him yes it was. We were called back in quickly and the doctor confirmed that it was broken and that no surgery would be needed. Phew what a relief that was, he would just need a sling. The sling has to be worn all day every day for 4-6 weeks. After 4 weeks the sling can be taken off to see how he goes and if Little Man is still not moving it then the sling will need to be back on for a further week.


To say Little Man is unhappy wearing the sling is an understatement. He hates it but I have explained that to get better he needs to wear it. The pain is now under control with Nurofen and Calpol and he is doing really well with coping. I have to help him sit up from laying down and help him do various other things as he only has one hand to use at the moment. Cutting up his food again and I am pretty sure he is pulling my leg as well as he is being lazy with some things!! At the moment he is living in his Thomas PJs top as it is really easy for him to get on and off or his button up the front shirts. He is unable to lift his arm to get a tee-shirt on. I have been and bought him white button shirts for school and a navy blue hoodie for him to wear once he is back at school, it will be easier than putting his polo and jumper on.

I shall updated in a few weeks with the progress. have you ever broken or know anyone who has broken their collar bone?

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5 responses to “Broken Collarbone”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Bless him. Don’t be so hard on yourself for not taking him to A&E sooner. I would have done the same as you. I hope your boy makes a speedy recovery x

    • Thanks lovely its so hard to get over the guilt of not taking him straight away but I trusted what the doctors said. I feel a lot better about it all at the moment though as he’s not in too much pain and he is happy!! xx

  2. There's always time for tea says:

    Aww poor boy! Don’t beat yourself up about not taking him, you trusted the nurse’s judgement which anyone would and if he wasn’t screaming in agony you don’t really expect it to be broken! My son broke his ankle last year in his birthday party and I didn’t take him to the hospital until the day after because he wasn’t really making a fuss but he couldn’t put weight on it but it turned out to be broken! They must have a higher pain threshold than us! Hope it heals quickly xx

    • Thats what I keep telling myself because we trust the professionals don’t we. I think if it was my collarbone i would have been screaming in pain lol I’m such a wuss. xx

  3. Aaww, what a brave little man , hope the sling is helping. My mom did the same with my sister, hurt foot playing hockey , doctor thought it was just bruised, 2 days later in plaster. She was mortified too but there was no way either of you could have known. Hope everything goes well and it heals very quickly x

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