17th February 2014

British Gas Hive Heating

Are you someone who has the heating on when you’re not at home? You forget to turn it off when you go out? Well there is a solution which is fantastic and can save you money. Its called Hive Active heating. It was set up by British Gas in 2012. Their mission is to revolutionise the way people  control their homes, with a simple to use product that help sync your home with your life.


British Gas Say…

We’ve brought together some of the leading experts from the world of technology, design and business who are passionate about making a difference. Starting with Hive Active Heating™, a little wonder that’s designed to let you control your heating and hot water remotely from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

These days, life needs simple solutions. At Hive, we’re busy so you don’t have to be.


What is Hive Active heating?

Hive Active Heating lets you control your heating from your Smart phone, tablet or laptop. So if your running late you can delay your heating coming on till later so not to waste money. The system is installed by a British Gas Engineer and there is no need to change energy supplier you are already with. Sounds great, anything to help save a little cash.


How much does it cost?

Cost is quite important. The system fully installed is a one-off fee of £199, you can also pay  £159 without installation. The installation its self is worth £80 so I think this is a really good price for the amount of money you will save in the long run. For our family this would save us a lot of money. We have our heating and hot water on a timer so even if we get home late the heating comes on early, heating an empty house.


Frost Protection

Frost protection is a fab feature on this new system. A few years ago we moved house and were still selling our old house. So we turned all the heating off. A few days later went back to the house to find it flooded. Yes that is right, the pipes had frozen, cracked, thawed our and flooded the house. This caused us a nightmare and cost a lot of money to sort out. So frost protection automatically switches your heating on if the temperature in your house drops below 5 degrees. The heating will then be maintained at a temperature of 7 degrees. I really wish we had this nifty system back then. Would of saved us a massive headache.


The App

The App is fantastic and there are many things you can do on it. There is a heating control panel, so you can say Mondays the heating is on 0800 till 1000 and Tuesdays the heating comes on at 0400 till 0900 etc. You can also simply turn it on and off and choose the temperature you would like it to be. Below are the 6 different screen from the app that you will be able to use.

hive heating


hive heating 2


hive heating 3


hive heating 4


hive heating 5


hive heating 6


Lowering the temperature by that you heat your home to by  1 degree can cut costs by 10% a year. So if you a wanting to save money then why not consider having Hive installed in your home.

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