28th May 2015

Breast vs Bottle

Over the last few weeks I have had to read stories about women who have had a c section have not really given birth and are not real Mum’s. Now I am reading stories about Mum’s who bottle feed are, well…. not good Mum’s.

So for some of you reading this who think c-section Mum’s really haven’t given birth and bottle feeding Mum’s really are not good enough, then to you I’m just a crap woman. Not a crap Mum as I’m not really a Mum as I’ve had 2 c sections.

Here I am giving my opinions on the breast vs bottle saga. Both of my babies were bottle fed right from the start. It’s not really a decision that I had to think about much as I always knew from getting pregnant I would bottle feed. That was MY decision. I was going to briefly try breast-feeding, however I had such an awful time having an operation that makes me a non Mum even though I have a child (commonly known as a c-section) that I was unable to try breast-feeding. Then when I was with it enough to think about it I decided I wanted to bottle feed.

Never once did I feel pressured into breast-feeding in the hospital or by any friends or family. The decision is mine and mine alone, and I made the decision that I wanted to bottle feed. This shouldn’t be for anyone else to judge or comment. It is nothing to do with anyone else how I feed MY baby.

For anyone out there who says bottle feeding is an easy way out… How is that then?? I would never say one way is easier than the other, I mean nothing is easy when you have just had a new baby. How is it easy having to sterilise bottles twice a day, make bottles up and making sure you have enough ready for when  baby is screaming for milk. Then making sure when we go out I have enough bottles with me ready for baby. Don’t really see all this being an easy way out or the lazy option as I’ve heard it called.

Both of our boys are happy and loved very much. They are both growing and Little Man is doing fantastic at Pre-school. I am extremely proud of him and how well he is doing. (considering he was bottle fed)

All I want to say is to any Mum’s who are bottle feeding… Don’t be ashamed, don’t be made to feel like a bad Mum, don’t be worried to bottle feed your baby out in public. No one has the right to judge anyone else on how they feed their baby. Its your baby and as long as your baby is warm, clean, fed and loved who the hell cares if you bottle or breast feed.


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