19th November 2016

Brantano shoe fitting service

Last week we were invited into our favourite shoe shop to review their fitting service for the children. I am a massive fan of Brantano, with lots of different brands in one place it is really easy to find the perfect pair of shoes.

We met with Kerry who was only too happy to help measure the kids feet and help us find the perfect pair of shoes for each of them. I was a bit worried about Bubs as he hates having his feet measured, he was actually brilliant though and let Kerry measure his feet.



Both kids got a little pack which had their shoe size written down on it and a sticker for the kids to wear. What kids doesn’t love a sticker…?


After the kids had been measured we headed over to find them some shoes. With such a selection it is a hard decision but I managed to find some absolutely beautiful Wrangle boots for Little Man. He wasn’t too keen to start with but after trying them on he loved them. Kerry checked to make sure they fitted him Ok, which they did and so Little Man was sorted. We then had to find a pair for Bubs, which wasn’t so easy. I am quite fussy with him as his feet are still growing quite fast I prefer for him to have have Clarks or Startrite. He is also a size 6.5 and we found 6 was too small but 7 was too big, there wasn’t a massive selection of 6.5. Half sizes are not as common as the full sizes so I knew straight away he would cause problems this time. We actually managed to find a lovely pair of Startrite shoes which were just perfect.





I really suggest that getting your children’s feet measured professionally is a must, especially when they are still young and growing fast. I have never been someone who buys shoes off the shelf without getting the kids feet measured first,it is so important they have the correct fitting shoes.

Kerry took a lot of time to help us and we didn’t feel rushed at all. We have ended up with 2 fantastic pairs of shoes for the kids which they love.

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  1. Rachel Craig says:

    What about FREE fitting for Adults?

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