13th April 2013

Bobike Bike seat review

We have recently been sent a lovely bike seat to review thanks to Bobike.

The bobike maxi tour seat fits easily onto the back of your bike and is a great way to carry your little person around on.

The seat we received is grey and blue and is really good quality. You can tell as soon as you see the seat it is really strong and looks very safe.

As soon as received the seat I couldn’t wait to get little man out on it. As you all know though we have had a rubbish few weeks of weather, with snow and rain. We had to wait a while to get out but now the weather has picked up we are loving using this bike seat with Little man.

Bike seat


We fitted the bike seat to a bike which already had a bike rack on the back. Included with the bike seat is a black fitting that you fit to the bike rack, which the bike seat then clicks onto. The front of the seat has a metal hook which you clip under the black racket on the bike rack. You then need to push the seat down and it clicks into place and the seat is securely fitted and very stable. The black holder fits onto your bike rack with 4 bolts and is very very simple, easy and quick to fit. The bike rack isn’t not included, just the part which fits to your bike rack to hold the seat in place is included.

The rack to hold the bike seat onto the bike


Metal hook which fits under the above rack to hold the seat in place


To release the seat there are 2 points each side of the seat. All you have to do is pull them both out at the same time and the seat is released easily.

To release the seat push in the below clip


As for the seat itself… There are 2 black holders for the feet. the child’s foot is then strapped in with a black strap that just clicks into a slot. The foot strap can be adjusted to fit the size of the child’s foot.

Foot strap and foot holder


The belt which holds the child in has adjustable straps with mouled parts that go over the should. The way they are shaped is to follow the shape of the shoulder so they are comfy for the child to wear the straps then click into a slot on the back of the seat.

The strap to hold your child in


Over the shoulder part of the strap


The back of the seat lifts up so the seat can be used for young and older children. To move the back of the seat up there is a handle on the back which you push in and the back  top half of the seat moves up.  There is also a really handy light on the back, which can be turned on and off. This is a great little extra as a lot of bike seats i have seen just have a reflector on the back.

Light on the back of the seat


The back of the seat higher for older children


I have never been on a bike before with a bike seat. To start with I was a bit wobbly but this wasn’t due to the seat, that was me. After a while I found it really easy riding around and its a great way to get little on out and still be able to go on my bike. As a family we love being outside and riding our bikes, so if you are like us this seat is great.

Little man loved being in the seat and he was laughing lots while we were biking. I really like the seat compared to a bike trailer as I think the child can see more and be more apart of the bike ride, rather than being in a trailer low down.

All in all this seat is great. It is strong and sturdy, easy to fit to your bike, comfy for the child and fits young to older children. In my opinion there isn’t anything that could be added to make it any better. The seat has everything a bike seat needs and I would highly recommend buying one.

If you think this bike seat looks great (which it really is) why not have a look at the website. There are many different seats you can buy for different ages and different styles.


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4 responses to “Bobike Bike seat review”

  1. simplyhayley says:

    Seen a few people review this and I’ve got to admit I’m not convinced. The child seems to be very exposed in terms of round the sides etc where as the seat I use has deep sides so is the bike fell my son wouldn’t hit the ground but the seat would. It may just be that photos don’t represent this seat well.

  2. Your little fella looks well happy in there! I really like that the children’s feet are strapped in, that is something that worries me about bike seats after a friends daughter broke her arm after putting her foot into the wheel and they all crashed :/

  3. Hi,
    I see your point about the child being exposed around the sides. As I said in my post I was a bit wobbly to start with. Really hard to get used to having the seat on the back. Never had a bike seat before so could not compare it to another seat. But i do see your point now. thanks for your comments 🙂

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