26th October 2017

Bob the Turtle and other MAM Products

In the past I have worked with MAM on so many occasions and have always been really impressed with their products. We have recently had the opportunity to review some lovely products from MAM again.

As parents we all know how important it is to keep our little ones teeth nice and clean, so the learn to brush set and first brush is fantastic. The learn to brush set is a 2 step process to help your little one brush their teeth correctly. Step 1 is the brush with an extra long handle this enable parents and the baby/toddler to hold it at the same time. This means the baby/toddler can hold the brush and get involved but also be guided be their parents at the same time. Step 2 is a first brush which the child can then use alone. There is a really fab safety guard which you can attach to the brush which stops the child putting the brush to far down the back of their throat.

The bite and brush is great for small babies with those first teeth which are just starting to come through. It is very easy for small hands to grab hold of and put in their mouth to chew. This is perfect to leave with your baby and know it is safe and they won’t be able to push it too far in.

Once those little teeth start cutting through it can be a painful time for babies. We were really lucky with Little Man and Bubs and it didn’t bother them too much. To help babies suffering though the MAM cooler can be put in the fridge to cool down and then babies can chew on it to cool their gums. It is designed to get to the back teeth as well as the front so all areas are covered. This is again easy for baby to hold and use by them selves.

We also have Bob the Turtle, for ages 5 months + he is safe and easy to hold and give baby those first sensory feelings. Bob the Turtle is perfect for chewing, squeezing, holding, feeling and he is made of 100% natural rubber so he is nice and safe. There are a couple of other different designs which you can choose from.

Dummies, now I know you either love them or hate them. Little Man never actually had a dummy however Bubs did and still does at night. The MAM dummies have a lovely unique design and come in a really handy travel and steriliser box which is just perfect. The dummies stay sterile in the box for 48 hours and come in many different designs to suit any boy or girl.


I have had a lot of items from MAM and they have always proved to be fantastic quality and last well. If you have not checked them out before head on over the MAM UK


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  1. STACY SORRELL says:

    my eldest just wouldnt take to soothers or teethers at all, so i didnt really get to know MAM that well, now, my 9mnth LOVES their products. i keep buying the soothers as i love the different designs, cheaper than buying myself shoes 🙂 we recently visited Florida and lost about 5 of the soothers, no idea where or how, i think they were wrapped in the sheets when the maid cleaned the room, luckily they sell MAM soothers in the Walgreens in America! was panicing id have to get my little one used to another brand!

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