2nd July 2013

Board Game Review and Competition: Logo What Am I?

Drumond Park have very kindly been sent us the board game, Logo What Am I? As a family and as you will see from my previous posts we love board games. We often have family nights in playing games. Brings the family together and is a lot of fun. Logo What Am I is the latest multi award-winning game from Drumond Park.


logo what am i box

About the game:

Inside the Box:

The board

logo 4


Players have to describe, draw or guess their way through the logos of well-known brands. There are 250 cards and each player takes a card from the box. The cards have 2 sides on them each with a guess it challenge on the picture side and a describe it and draw it on the challenge side. You then have to turn over the sand timer provided and get the others players to guess your challenge before the sand all runs through. If no one guesses correctly no one gets to move. However if someone does guess correctly then the player and the person guessing get to throw the dice and then move the number of paces thrown on the dice. With the guess challenges you can only ask questions that require a yes/ no or maybe answer.

Each player has to work their way around the playing board, each place on the board corresponds to a challenge

The cards have so many well-known brands such as Sarsons Vinegar, Swan matches, RSPB, Citroen and so on. I would say that children ages 8+ are able to do the drawing rounds but the guessing the well-known brands may be slightly harder.

Examples of some cards


logo 2

logo 3

When playing the game we had such a laugh and found the game really fun. I would rate the game 4 out of 5 stars. Only reason being the well know brands is a bit hard for many 8-year-old children to know. We absolutely love the game though.

RRP £24.99 available from Argos, ASDA, Tesco, Toys R us and many more well know high street shops.

You can also check the Drumond Park website here to see many more great games.



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37 responses to “Board Game Review and Competition: Logo What Am I?”

  1. Victoria Androsova says:

    Our fav is a game calle Taboo

  2. What A Performance by Orchard Toys

  3. laura banks says:

    has to be monopoly but we do play dominoes alot aswell

  4. hayley f says:

    monopoly x

  5. kayleigh white says:

    Monopoly is our favourite, I recently bought the “Only Fools and Horses version” it’s ace!

  6. Anthony Harrington says:

    Monopoly – as long as i am the silver dog!

  7. Charlotte Clark says:


  8. Lynsey Buchanan says:


  9. Kate Huxstep says:

    I love Trivial Pursuit

  10. Tracy Nixon says:


  11. solfleur says:

    we love playing mousetrap

  12. Natasha Male says:


  13. Hannah Oneill says:

    Dominion or Carcassonne

  14. justine meyer says:

    I loved collect

  15. Rachael G says:

    We really like Ludo.

  16. Amy Beckett says:

    Scattergories has to be played with my grandma many memorable cringeworthy moments

  17. Paul Bennett says:

    Got to be Monopoly

  18. Monopoly or game of life

  19. Tammy Tudor says:

    rapido 🙂

  20. Hayley says:


  21. Gary Topley says:

    I used to love the game called Game Of Life

  22. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Shut the box

  23. Mark Palmer says:


  24. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    monopoly but it rarely gets finished 🙂

  25. Kelly Hooper says:

    I always liked game of life

  26. Allison says:

    Pictionary! Love it. It’s a kinda board game …..

  27. Can’t beat Monopoly or the Game of Life

  28. Karen R says:

    We like Junior Monopoly atm!

  29. sally rees says:

    game of life

  30. Solange says:


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