1st March 2017

Blaze and the monster machine-Racing Blaze review

It was only a few months back that we discovered blaze and the monster machines but ever since the kids have been hooked. Pretty much like most other kids that know about Blaze I should think. Today we are testing out Blaze and the Monster machine racing blaze, which the kids both love and being half term they have been falling out about who is going to have the 1st go.

The little red car goes bombing round the house while the tyre shaped control is small enough for little hands. The wireless controller has a forward and reverse button which make it easy to control Blaze.

The handset requires you to install 2xAAA batteries and this is the same in the car. It takes about a minute to install the batteries and you are ready to go. No building is required which is always a bonus when eager little children are waiting to play with something. Nothing worse than having to build a toy which takes like… forever, whilst you have a child very impatiently waiting to play! The car itself is very sturdy and so far has stood the test of bashing it against the skirting board over and over again. I have to say the kids are better at driving it now though, however it does still get bashed about when the 2 year old is playing with it.

Both of my children ages 5 and 2 love this and are both able to use it easily. It does say age 3+ on the box simply because children smaller may not be able to use the remote. My little guy soon worked out how to use it though after watching his brother. He also loves to try and catch Blaze while Little Man drives it around the house. We do have really thick carpet and whilst Blaze still works on the carpet he does go slower, so the kids prefer to use him in the kitchen.

I would recommend this recommend this car and it is a definite hit with the kids. I love the fact it is a really sturdy make and isn’t something you will pay for and will be broken the week after. Thumbs up from us!

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  1. My little two love Blaze and would love this, it looks like great fun. I will have to add it to one of their birthday lists xx

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