27th August 2018

Birthday Presents ideas for a 4 year old

A little under 2 weeks and I will no longer have a 3 year old. Bubs is going to be 4 and I really wish he would stop growing up so fast. I thought it would be cool to share with you some of what I have got him for his birthday.

He really loves Paw Patrol and Pj Masks at the moment!

Paw Patroller… Bubs has been asking and asking for this for as long as I can remember. When I saw it on sale in Argos a few months back I just knew he would still be asking for it come his birthday so I picked it up. I think it is rather expensive for what it is however it will make him happy and thats what counts. Hw already has all of the characters and their vehicles.

Paw Patrol Jigsaw… Both of my boys love jigsaws and most weekends they will get them all out and do the Jigsaws together on the carpet. So I guess because of Bubs love for Jigsaws and Paw Patrol then this would go down a storm. I know that this will be played with many times over and over. There are 4 shaped puzzles and there is a 10,12,14 and 16 piece puzzle.

Pjs Masks plush… Bubs already has Gekko and Romeo so I have decided to get him the other ones he was asking for which are Luna girl, Cat boy and Owlette.

PJ Masks figure and vehicle… I know just how much he loves playing with anything like this so I have decided to buy Cat Boy, Gekko and Owlette figures and vehicles. I am actually still awaiting these being delivered but I am pretty sure they are going to be fantastic. Bubs actually has all of the Paw Patrol vehicles and he plays with them all the time, so I already know these will be a hit with him. 

Sony Heaphones…. The boys have an iPad which they love to watch Movies on in the car and play games on. When they watch a movie they argue over who is watching what. So my Mum and Dad are buying him his own iPad and I have got him the headphones. We actually already have a pair of these which are in white and so I bought these blue ones so there is no mixing them up.


These are going to be his main presents from us. I will buy some extras such as colouring books, new colours and little itty bitty bits. I try not to go too over the top because he will be getting lots of presents from the rest of the family as well and will truly spoilt like every other year.

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