29th July 2017

Beauty trends for 2017

Being a Mummy of 2 children I find it very hard to make time for myself. I flick through Instagram and see some beautiful make up on people and I am in owe. I just wish I had time to sit and do my make up how I used to before having children. I am lucky if I am able to slap on a bit of foundation and some bronzer these days. I could spend hours watching make up tutorials at night and just looking through different seasonal make up trends on Instagram.

Recently Ellisons have released an ebook about the beauty trends for 2017 and oh my its a fantastic read. I was looking at this make up for ages thinking how amazing it looks.

I absolutely love the bright colours and whilst I do wear lipstick this colour I am not sure I would have time to re-create the eyes and nails. It just looks so summery and beautiful.

Whilst back in 2016 everyone was going all out on the matt look on lips, this summer sees the return of the glossy look. I remember when I was younger wearing the lip gloss and the glossier the better. Think I need to up my game a little because I am still now days mostly a matt lip girl.

This year will see the dewy skin look being a big trend as well. Ellison recommend using liquid or cream based products rather than powder products. This is great for me because I don’t really use powder products and use Liquid foundation. I always feel than on myself a powder looks to ‘fake’ if I can describe it as that. It always seems to make my face look to over-done and un natural.

This year we are looking at sheet masks being a big hit, these are replacing the clay or gel face masks. In have just turned 30 and never have I tried a face mask. I really must try and get some times for myself and try a really nice relaxing one. I have always been a bit scared incase they make my face go bright red or if I have a reaction, but I guess in reality that isn’t going to happen.

I had my legs waxed once years ago and I decided the moment I walked out I would never do it again. Oh my, the pain was unbelievable but I did get used to the pain towards the end. Since then I have just used my trust razor and Ive been happy with it. The only problem with shaving is the fact you need to shave almost every other day in the summer to keep your legs looking silky smooth and hair free. This season sees something called electrolysis coming in, It basically kills the hair growth at the growth centre. The whole process of electrolysis is complex but very effective. Have you ever tried this?

When I was younger I would straighten my hair every day and never once used any products to help my hair with the heat. Now I straighten my hair about once a month if that and that is when I go out, in fact is probably less than that. I am also bad when it comes to washing, I wash my hair almost every day which I know isn’t great for you hair either. Did you know you should only was your hair 2-3 times per week? I don’t think this would ever work for me as my hair seems to look greasy if left for 2 days. Washing it too much can make it really dry.

So I think most of us know that what we eat and drink can affect our skin. Drinking lots of water is good for your skin and it can make a huge difference. Eating lots of veg such as sweet potato, kale, carrots and pumpkin are filled with antioxidants which will make your complexion look beautiful. Water is needed to help build new skin cells so drinking plenty of water will leave your skin feeling hydrate and healthy rather than dry.

So there we have it some of the trends for 2017, have you tried any of do you have any other beauty trends to share?

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