3rd February 2017

Barchester respite care and short breaks

From time to time everyone needs a break and Barchester respite care offers just that. If you are caring for someone or even just looking after yourself everyone deserves some time off and a well deserved break.

It can be really hard to get a break if you are caring for an elderly relative, whilst you may want some time off it really can be like having a full time job just with no holiday allowance. Barchester can offer respite care for your loved one. You get a break from caring and your loved one gets a break away in one of the beautiful respite care homes. You can rest assured they will be fully looked after and with many of the homes set in coutryside locations it will be a lovely break for both.

At Barchester respite care they make it there aim to provide seamless continuity of care from their well trained staff. If you are thinking of respite care then Barchester seem to have all areas covered to make sure everyone can stay calm and relaxed. Prior to admission a manager will come out to visit you in your own home where all needs can be assessed, they can get to know you and find out what you like and what you don’t like. This will then let them tailor a care plan so everything is perfect for your loved one and you can both have a well deserved break.

I know some people are not comfy with sending loved ones off for respite care, however it is like a holiday for them as well as yourself. If this is something you are thinking about but are just not 100% sure then have a read through the online respite care guide which may help you. It will help answer any worries you may have.

You can also visit their website, enter your postcode and you can see all properties in your area. I typed in my postcode and it bought up a lot of options. I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you of how beautiful these places are…


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