10th July 2013

Bandino Review

We have recently received a Bandino. I hear you asking, what is a Bandino? Well it is a personalised cup band.


The benefits of the cup band are…

I think this is a great thing for places where there are many children, such as playgroups, nursery’s and schools. I know my little Man often gets his juice cups mixed up when we are with friends children.

You can have them personalised with any writing of your choice. They are available in Red, blue and Pink. The bands are stretchy so can fit on any size beaker or bottle.


Bandino 2

Bandino was found by two mum’s. They struggled to find a label that stood the test of time on their children’s nursery cup and so Bandio was invented.

You can order yours here http://www.bandino.co.uk/index.php.

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