2nd February 2016

Back to work update

As you may or may not know I started back to work 4 weeks ago after having a year off on Maternity leave. I work 2 days a week since having the boys so for me it is a great balance between working and being a home with the kids. It certainly hasn’t been an easy ride starting back.

Week 1: I started back 4 weeks ago and my first 2 days was OK. I didn’t really do anything as I was setting up my systems again and sorting out my passwords.

Week 2: This was an awful week. On my way home from work on Thursday some total idiot crashed into my car as I was sat in traffic. I had been and picked Bubs up from nursery so he was also in the car with me. The guy behind crashed into me really hard doing about 50mph. He smashed me right into the car in front which just so happened to be a police car. I jumped out, grabbed Bubs to make sure he was OK. Luckily were both fine, however my car has been totally written off. Due to hardly being able to move on the Friday, my 4th day back at work I was off. Not really the best start.

Week 3: So my third week wasn’t much better, at least I was able to make it into work though. I dropped Bubs off at nursery and Doug took Little Man to school. About midday I had a call from nursery to say Bubs had a temperature and was it Ok to give him Calpol. I said yes obviously! They advised he was very upset and if he didn’t calm down as he wasn’t well I would have to go and pick him up. I was starting to think all this going back to work lark wasn’t worth it. I just wanted to go and get my Bubs and cuddle him with him being poorly. Luckily I didn’t have to get him and he was fine until I could get him at 1700. he was then with my Mum Friday so I was more relaxed at work, he was still poorly but at least he was at home.

Week 4: I had all my passwords sorted, I had all my systems up and running, I didn’t have a poorly baby to worry about so all was good. Finally a week where I could go in, do my job, come home and not worry about poorly Bubs or getting my car smashed into on the way home.

All in all I am happy being back at work. It suits me and my family really well. I love Bubs being in nursery because he learns so much and plays with other babies. He seems to really enjoy it and I enjoy being back at work to have some me time. I am hoping that all my bad luck has now passed and I shall have a smooth run of going to work and coming home from now on.

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