18th August 2019

Back to School checklist

As some of you may know I have one child going into Y4 and another starting reception this September. I can not believe that I will have 2 children in school, they grow up so fast. With one of them being in Y4 and another in Reception their back to school needs are very different. So I have put together a few items that may help you with younger and older children with back to school.

Decent size backpack – I bought my eldest a school book bag when he first started school and it soon became very obvious that this was no way big enough. Each day he would come home with books and drawings, letters and what ever else not. I decided to buy him a backpack to make it easier to carry everything, plus it also fitted in his water bottle as well so everything was all together.

Stationary – Printerinks.com are currently offering 10% off back to school supplies. Whilst this isn’t something so much for my youngest, my son going into Y4 needs his own stationary bits and bobs for school. He needs a pencil case, pencil, pen, ruler etc. He has also asked for highlighters and a note book. If you are looking for stationary supplies then head over and have a look, remember to use the code SCHOOL10.

Heavy duty water bottle – I say heavy duty because I have found out over the years that if you buy cheap it will be broken quickly. I have no idea what the heck they do with their water bottles at school but the amount we have gone through is just stupid. It is really important as well that your child has their own water bottle to keep hydrated through-out the day.

Change of clothes – If you child is just starting school it is a good idea to always pack a spare pair of clothes. Accident can and will happen.

Shoes – I have found that expensive shoes last longer. I know not everyone will agree but for me I would rather spend that bit extra for a decent pair of school shoes for the kids, rather than getting a cheap pair. When they are wearing these shoes day in day out comfort really is a priority for me.

Uniform – I always have enough uniform for each day of the school week. So that’s 5 of everything. This way I just find it is a lot easier than trying to rush around every day or every other day washing uniform. I just do the one wash of uniform at the weekend and have it all ready for the week ahead.

Labels – Make sure you label everything as stuff does and will get lost. I mean things will go missing but if you have your Childs name in it then it will be easier reunited than if it had no name in it. You can either write on the label already in the clothing, use iron in labels or sew in labels.

Lunchbox – If you child has a pack up then a good lunch box will be needed. Both of my boys have a fab lunch box which keeps their food cool during the day.

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