30th August 2020

Back to School after lockdown

The time has come for the boys to go back to school, we are currently enjoying the last few days of the time we have together.

Since going into lockdown in March we have had some real good times, some stressful times, had many laughs and made many memories. I have to say I am really sad that the kids are going back to school, although at times it has been really stressful I have loved having them at home with me.

We have struggled through home schooling, got them a private online tutor when it become too much, had way too much PS4 time, made lots of memories, bought a caravan, had holidays cancelled and booked new ones in our touring caravan., had beach days, many days out in the great outdoors where we have been able to easily social distance and just had lots of family time together which without lockdown we wouldn’t have got, we have grown butterflies from caterpillars, had fun with slime and shaving foam, had many family zoom quizzes which were so much fun, had lockdown birthdays, dyed our hair silly colours and lastly I have learnt how to cut hair ha ha!

It actually feels like my youngest is starting school all over again. It feels like he is getting ready for his first day at primary school, when in fact he is going into year 1. Both kids say they don’t want to go back to school but once they get there with their friends I am pretty sure they will soon fall back into the routine. I think the early morning will be a shock to the system as well, seeing as neither of the boys have been up much before 930 am in 6 months.

Here is to a new school year for the kids and let’s hope this one is more normal for all the children out there. I can imagine it will be hard to start with getting used to all the new rules in school but kids adapt easily.

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