8th August 2014

Baby Shower Host: Review

I would like to say a massive thank you to Baby Shower Host for providing me with some wonderful decorations and game for my baby shower. The items below are what I chose off the website. It was so difficult to choose something as there were so many lovely things to choose from.

baby shower host 5

The game I chose was called Feed the baby and we had such a good laugh with this game.  You have an A3 glossy poster with a picture of a baby on it. Then you write all your names on bottles which are stickers. The aim of the game is to be the closest one to the baby’s mouth. Whoever is the closest at the end wins. Fantastic little game. You can also buy extra bottle stickers from Baby Shower Host if you already have the baby picture. Included with the game are 3 bottle stickers. The game costs £3.80 which is great value.

baby shower host


The decorations were fantastic and really good quality and strong.

The Rock-a-bye-baby bunting is great and quite thick. We had this hanging outside. There are 14 different flags on the line some are in the shape of a teddy or rocking horse and others are pastel coloured flags. The bunting is 3.5m long and the cost of this bunting is £5.91

baby shower host 8


baby shower host 3


The second decoration is  a big baby shower Congratulations banner.

This is a great wall hanging and is really big, it is 154cm x 50cm and looks great hanging on the wall. This banner is currently £3.40 and is great value.

baby shower host 6

baby shower host 2


The final decoration was the Flag Banner which is currently £2.99. This banner is 3.6m long. There are 10 flags on the banner that are all the same.  They say Baby Shower on them and are perfect to hang anywhere to make the place look really nice.

 baby shower host 7

All orders over £49 have free delivery, and delivery was really quick.  I would highly recommend Baby Shower Host as the products are good quality, fast delivery and there is a huge selection of differ baby shower games, decorations and more to choose from.

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