15th December 2017

Baby Born Shower Review

A little while ago now we reviewed the Baby born Interactive doll and it was a real hit with Bubs. He is just 3 years old and loves babies, he is so loving and caring and loves looking after babies even though he is still my baby. We recently went to see our friends in Bournemouth and they have a new baby, Bubs absolutely loved holding him, kissing him and just generally being around fussing him. Sometimes if we are out and he sees a baby he will say ‘ ahhhh Mummy look baby how cute’ and I find the fact he is saying that is just too cute.

I knew he would love to review the Baby born interactive doll and recently we have just been sent the shower which baby born fits in and it is great. In fact you can fit different size dolls in the shower as the shower head goes up and down and it actually goes up and down by quite a bit. There is  a button for you to be able to move it up and down as you please.

The shower comes as 5 parts and requires you to put it together but it really is simple and easy and I didn’t even use the instructions (go me!) The 5 parts are the shower side and  the main part of the shower. You simply click all the parts in with the last part being the shower door and away you go. Your dirty babies are ready to be washed and cleaned until they smell lovely again.

In the shower base there is a blue draw which you fill up with water, this is the water which will then come out of the shower to wash the dolls. The pink clip part is so that you can stand the dolls up and clip them in so they do fall over in the shower.

Have to say once the shower was built up I was really impressed with how sturdy it felt. it looks great and is bigger than I though it would be. The shower is also pretty simple to take apart for storage. The little added extras make it great as well with the towel rail on the side for you to hang the towel.

If you have a child who loves playing with their dolls then this is a must for them. I just wish I could be a child again, I used to love playing with my dolls but there was never anything quite this cool around 30 years ago. 

I would highly recommend this product and for the price it sells at I think it is brilliant value. The shower can be bought for £29.99 from most toy shops or you can order it online. be quick though as we are only days away from Christmas 2017.

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