19th August 2015

Awesome Days Out For The Last Days Of Summer

I love the summer time even though this year has been a bit dull and wet. It’s a more relaxed time of year, and there are far more things on for families and kids. Fetes and holiday clubs are great when you have children feeling a bit bored. It gives them something different to do and you can all enjoy a great family experience together.

The kids are starting school again (or for the first time) soon. I thought I would look into some things we could all do together as a family in the last few days of summer. Amusement parks are a great day out. The facilities are usually really good if you have a baby in tow as well. You can feed the kids and treat them on the site, saving you the hassle of driving around to find different venues.

On a smaller scale, you can usually find petting zoos and theme parks that offer small cafes or tea rooms. These are perfect when you only want to be out for an afternoon. Smaller kids can only manage a half day before they need a nap anyway. Lots of these sort of places are also quite educational. They give the kids an experience as well as providing them with information.

For something more serene, I love to go to our favourite park with a big picnic. The kids can run around in the park and you know they’re pretty safe. Of course, this usually requires a fairly warm and dry day, which have been somewhat lacking recently. The best thing is, everyone is out in the fresh air, and we’re all enjoying each other’s company.


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Children just love trains, and for the ultimate choo-choo experience I have been looking at tickets for the steam trains. They haven’t been as plentiful this year as in other years, but if you can get a ride on one, the kids are sure to love it. It’s loud and smells funny down on at the railway, but once they are over the strangeness of it all, the kids are usually smiling. There are theme parks that offer similar experiences too if your area is currently steam free on the network.

I have also been wondering if now is a good time to take the kids to the cinema. This summer has seen a bumper crop of great kids movies. I do worry if the kids will sit still for a full feature, though! Still, with so many good movies, and one or two cheap deals on family tickets, I think it could be worth a little visit to the big screen.

Soft play centres can be a saviour on a rainy day. If the kids are fidgeting and whining, a good ball pool usually gives you all a break from the boredom. These indoor play centres can be found up and down the country. You can even stop off at one for lunch during a long journey. They are a really good idea and not too pricey for a couple of hours play.


Kids will have their moments of boredom during the holidays. But sometimes in the run-up to the new term, they can be a handful. See what you can do today with your family.

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