17th January 2016

Anything Goes Linky #21

Hi All,

Another week has gone by now and thank you all for linking up again. I hope you have all enjoyed reading other posts that have been linked up as well.

Ive had a pretty awful week 🙁 We had a car accident where someone crashed into the back of me whilst I was stationary in traffic. It was a very hard bump and the person clearly wasn’t concentrating on the road. I had my little Bubs in the car at the time which made it all 100 times worse. Thankfully he is OK which is the main thing. I have whiplash and my lower back is aching but as long as my boy is OK that is all I care about. Hopefully this week is going to be a better week!

This weeks Blog post of the week comes from Ups and Downs, Smiles and Frowns I absolutely love your photography in this post. Being out and about in the out doors is something we also love to do as a family.

Thank you…

So if we can just follow these few simple rules and everyone should be happy…

blogging mummy
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