7th February 2017

Aldi grocery store Haul and this weeks meal plan

We have got back into meal planning again as it saves us so much money. Over the last 4 months we have stopped meal planning as we have been so busy. Not only do I end up putting weight on we also spend far to much money. So this week sees us get back into planning during the week, it sees my weight loss back on track and my bank balance looking more healthy. Below is our meal plan and video of our Aldi grocery store haul.

Terryaki chicken noodle stir fry

Steak sandwich with salad and wedges

Mini roast with chicken, veg and roast potatoes

Beef and spicy bean hotpot

Homemade Curry with raita and naan bread

You can check out our Aldi Grocery Haul video as well. Everything we need to cook the above was bought from Aldi and then filmed in the grocery haul.

Where do you guys all shop? Since we have changed to Aldi our shopping is so much less than when we shopped at Tesco. What annoys me though is the fact I still have to pop into Tesco in order to get the few bits and bobs that I am unable to get in Aldi.

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