6th August 2016

Boots Soltan Family Pack review

When I was younger (late teens early 20s) I hardly ever wore sun cream. I used to want a nice tan which I didn’t think I would get with wearing any type of sun cream at all. How stupid I was back then… Now I am slightly older and more mature I realise how important it is to cover up with sun cream and protect my skin.

Boots Soltan currently has a fantastic family pack with a pack for £10. In the pack is one 200ml bottle of 15 SPF, One 200ml bottle of 30 SPF, one 200ml bottle of kids hypoallergenic 50 SPF and one 200ml bottle of aftersun. These bottle all come in a really handy zip up see through bag which they can be kept in.


The cream is medium thickness and comes out really white, which I love. I love the fact it is really easy to see where it has and hasn’t been applied. It takes only a little bit of rubbing and and as you can see then skin then looks as if it has no cream on it at all. Little Man hates it if he ends up being all white with the cream, so the fact this rubs in so easily is a bonus to us. (kids can be so difficult sometimes ha ha)



I really can’t stress enough how import wearing sun cream is. here are a few facts from Boots Soltan about using 5* protection on your skin, Child or adult.

My personal view now is rather have less tanned skin than have skin cancer. I know it is nice to have a tan after having been on holiday or out in the garden however its not so nice if you end up with skin problems or even skin cancer. Please remember to always wear sun cream.


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