29th August 2018

Schichler 4×4 Vehicle review

My youngest son is really into playing with figures and vehicles so I knew he was going to love the Schleich Wildlife 4×4 vehicle.

The vehicle needs to be put together, instructions are given however it is pretty simple to do. I just needed to check the instructions when it came to putting the winch on the front.

I think part of the fun is actually building it up first. You can put stickers on, the wheels, lights and the winch. There are 2 figures included a man and a monkey and then there is a first aid kit and a box with a spade and axe. On the side there are petrol cans and there is even a little hole on the side where your child can pretend to fill up with petrol.

The vehicle was very easy to put together and very well made. It isn’t flimsy like some toys you get these days. I know that it will last a lot of playtime with my two boys.

The item is for 5 + and my boys are 3 and 7 and they both loved it. The 5+ I think is due to it having some small quite small parts which younger children could put in their mouth.

The great thing about this is the fact you can buy other parts to this, there is a trailer that can be added onto the back on the 4×4 and many other animals and sets that can make this a full play set. Both of my boys have argued over who is going to play with it first, which I think is quite normal.

I think what makes this different to just a vehicle which you can push around is all the parts to it. The winch is a hit with my boys they hook a car on the front and pretend the vehicle has broken down. The fact you can take the petrol cans off and pretend to fill up with petrol. It really does get a child to use their imagination and enjoy playtime with this.

The vehicle retails for £34.99 which is expensive BUT because it is sturdy and built well i wouldn’t mind paying the extra knowing that it is going to last.

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