13th October 2017

Safety checks before a long car journey

With October 2017 half term fast approaching I am sure there are going to be lots of people going on long journey to visit family, friends or just for a get away.

Before you jump in your car there are some safety checks which really should be carried out especially if you a planning a long journey. With the colder weather back with us and possible icy roads soon safety is the most important thing when jumping in your car.

Washer fluid…
Washer fluid is so important, if there is spray on the roads from the wet weather you may need to use a lot of washer fluid whilst travelling. If you are running on empty the spray can be a real hazard because your view through the front window can be really reduced, this can then lead to accidents.

Always make sure your tyres are legal, the minimum legal thread is 1.6mm. You could always find yourself on the wrong side of the law should your tyres not be legal. You should also check the pressure is correct, you can usually find what it should be on a sticker just inside the drivers door.

Engine oil…
If your a low on oil you can totally ruin your car, the engine can seize up and you will break down, lets face it no one wants to be stuck at the side of a really busy road broken down. Not only can this be dangerous its taking time away from your holiday.

With the darker nights and duller Autumn days lights are so important. Not only can you be stopped by the police if your lights are not in fully working order, it can cause lots of problems for your and other road users. You can really easily and quickly check your lights before a long journey with someone standing outside the car whilst someone is inside the car.

All of these little things can be checked at home by yourself, however to keep your car in full health you should always make sure you get a service done one a year. You can drop your car off to Kwik-Fit garage and they can fit your car in to give it a full bill of health. You can easily book your car in online at kwik-fit.com and find your nearest garage. When booking in online you simply pop in your reg number and you get a price there and then, you can choose from a full service, Interim service or  essential car care.

Always remember to do the checks before starting off on a long journey, they are essential things which need to be checked in order to arrive at your destination safely.

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