21st August 2017

Easy, Affordable Ways To Bring Your Interiors To Life

After so much anticipation and optimism, it already feels as though summer is about to grind to an abrupt halt. The weather is unpredictable and time is flying by at lightning speed. With the seasons changing, it’s a good time to think about making some changes around the house. If you’re thinking about a revamp or mini makeover, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a difference. Here are some easy, affordable ways to breathe new life into your interiors.

Have fun with colour
There’s a lot to be said for clean, crisp white spaces, especially in the summer months, but it’s always fun to experiment with colours and try out some fresh new looks. You don’t have to go crazy and start painting walls hot pink or bright orange, but try switching up your colourways and embracing new trends. If you have white walls, have fun with accessories and add interest to the room. You can change the look of the living room, the kitchen or your home office by adding coloured pots and pans, storage jars, vases and plant pots, rugs, cushions, and blankets. You don’t have to put any manual labour in, you can shop around for bargains, and you’ll have a beautiful looking home in an instant. Look online for inspiration and get some ideas about the kinds of themes you think would suit your home. Blue and white accessories are great for beach style bedrooms or bathrooms while yellow and grey work perfectly in contemporary living rooms. Monochrome is a perfect choice for a modern office while red and orange work well in retro kitchens.

Liven up the walls
Do you ever browse through sites like Pinterest or Instagram and wish you were bold enough to try out some of the looks? If so, why not be a little braver? One way of bringing your interiors to life is livening up plain, drab walls. You can do this by injecting some colour with paint or paper or creating a statement with murals like those available at wallpaperink. You could transform your bedroom into a mountain glade, channel your inner traveller with world map murals in the study or create the perfect child-friendly playroom with a wall filled with Disney characters. If you don’t want to go the whole hog, use accessories like frames and clocks to add more interest to the walls. Frame galleries are very popular, and they look great, especially if you choose a selection of different styles, sizes, and shapes.

Add a new focal point
Adding a new focal point in the room turns your attention elsewhere and makes you look at the space in a different way. If the focal point in your living room has been the TV stand and entertainment unit, switch things up by making a wood burning stove the standout feature. Add some rustic baskets of logs and angle the sofa and chairs towards the fireplace. If your eyes are drawn to the range and worktops in the kitchen, make more of the table, by adding coloured bucket chairs draped with throws, vases filled with fresh flowers and a statement pendant lamp.

Are you keen to give your home a bit of a shakeup? If you haven’t made any changes to the interiors for a while and you’re after a new look, you don’t have to break the bank. Take these tips on board, and you can achieve a gorgeous, budget-friendly transformation.

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