1st June 2017

Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer With Stylish, Affordable Updates

Summer is well and truly here, and if the beautiful weather we’ve had so far is anything to go by, there’s a great summer ahead. Transforming your garden into somewhere chic and stylish for summer can be difficult on a budget, but it’s far from impossible. Take a look at the following tips to help you get your garden ready for an amazing summer.

Give it a good clean

Sometimes, the appearance of a garden can be transformed drastically with a bit of a clean and a some tidying up. If your patio or decking is looking a bit tired, the walls a bit mossy or the furniture a bit grubby – get a jet cleaner on them. You can borrow one from friends or rent one quite easily, and you’ll have a sparkling clean garden area in no time.

Treat yourself to stylish garden furniture


The days of plastic garden furniture have gone, and have been replaced by cool, contemporary styles that look like they could have come from a beach bar in the mediterranean. From outdoor sofas and dining tables to cool chairs and sun loungers – the choice is yours! Bridgman garden furniture has a wide selection of pieces at affordable prices, that will look amazing in any garden – with pieces to suit all garden sizes.

Add some lights

Lighting can transform your garden, as well as give you more excuses to use it. There are many wonderful lighting options to choose from, including fairy lights, uplighting, LED lighting and of course solar lighting that are not only cheap to buy, they’ll be cheap to run too.

Build a fire pit

Fire pits are another garden feature that are becoming more popular, and are very handy for those chillier evenings where you still want to enjoy being outdoors. Fire pits look great, and you might have many options to consider when choosing the best fire pit for your garden. If you have children or small animals though, you should assess the health and safety of your fire pit before you install one, or at least just keep it for when the children are away and the pets can be kept inside.

Replace your turf

A nice, fresh lawn looks great in a garden, and instantly improves its appearance. It can be hard to maintain though, so one trend that is appearing in many places at the moment is the to lay down some artificial turf. It looks as good as the real thing, requires very little maintenance (a bit of cleaning, some weed removal now and then) and will make your garden look perfect all the time – ideal for those unexpected summer guests!

After preparing your garden for the summer, you can then enjoy it with friends and family.  Now all you need to do is find some ways to entertain the kids this summer. Maybe they can help you with some chores around the garden?


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