5th February 2019

5 Tips for Shooting Baby Videos

Has your little one just started taking their first steps? Or is it that s/he has just begun to speak their first words? Well, as a parent, there are many such priceless moments that you will wish to capture to cherish the memories later. But shooting baby videos is anyday a tough task. There are lots of things to consider to ensure a memorable video. Are you a new parent about to video your munchkin for the first time? Well, no worries, here are some tips to help you churn a beautiful heart-warming video of your little angel.

Record on the child’s level
You should always frame your shoot on the child’s level. Thus, be prepared to kneel, crouch and bend a number of times throughout the shooting. Otherwise, you can also place the baby on an elevated level, say on bed or on table. This way, you won’t have to kneel too much or aim the camera too low. However, if you have to record the initial walks of your baby, you will have position your shutter on floor to get the full view.

Avoid excessive camera movements
It’s true that you will want to capture the baby from various angles for the video. But remember, babies get distracted easily. So, if you pan or zoom your camera too frequently, the little one may get distracted and rush up- leaving you with out-of-focus jerky video. The best suggestion is to keep your camera still, as much as possible. You should not do anything that will draw your baby’s attention to the camera. You have to let him/her be at
his/her normal pace for a natural and candid capture. And that’s the main essence of a baby video. But then, you will have to zoom or pan the camera at certain points. In that case, try to be smooth and slow with the movements.

Be careful of the light
Light is always a crucial aspect of any video recording, including baby videography. The best thing will be to shoot the video in daytime. But whether you are shooting outdoors or indoors- the source of light should be at the back of the videographer. Do not shoot in a place or position where bright lights are behind the child. Be careful of the shadows as well. If you are shooting outdoors, do not shoot during mid-day. The best time for shooting here is early morning or the time just before twilight.

Keep the baby engaged
As mentioned previously, you have to capture the baby in a candid mood. So, try to engage him/her in things that s/he loves the most. It could be his favourite ball or her favourite teddy. The bottom-line is you have to keep the baby happy and engaged so that you can capture the natural joyous expression on his/her face.

Edit the video
Would you like to add some music or special effects to your video? Well, then go for a video editor program that will help you to modify the video as per your desires. If you want suggestions, Movavi Video Editor is a widely used 4k video editor which will enable you carry on all major and minor modifications on the video. It will correct the typical video mistakes and will also allow you to add stylish transitions, titles and great music.

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