18th October 2018

5 simple tricks to keep your home warm this winter

Brr! Is it me, or is it suddenly really cold? Many of us have already succumbed to switching on the
thermostat and warming the house through during these chilly nights. With Autumn in full swing and winter fast approaching, many of us might be wondering how we can keep our heating bills down and keep our homes nice and toasty without turning up the thermostat too much. Many of us switch energy suppliers, or order some decent underlay for our flooring, but what else can you do?
Unsure of where to start? Don’t worry, read on for 5 simple tricks that will keep you and your family
nice and toasty this winter.

The curtains
Don’t have any curtains? Now is the time to get some! The trick is to remember to leave your
curtains open during the day, to let the sunshine (if any) in. Sunlight is warming and is also free, so
allow you rooms to soak up the sun and build up warmth from it. Then, as soon as it gets dark shut
them to trap the heat inside. Your curtains will act as another layer of insulation – which is doubly
helpful if your windows aren’t draft free or fully sealed. If you find gaps or draughts in your window
frames, cover them up with some insulating tape to stop the warm air escaping.

The radiators
The number one rule that we all seem to forget when it comes to heating out homes, is – don’t
obstruct the radiators! Sure you might like the sofa in its current spot in front of the radiator, but it’s blocking the heat! Giving the radiator breathing room allows the warm air to circulate the room
properly. Try to avoid drying clothes on it too as this has the same blocking effect.

Use the oven
Seriously! If you’ve just taken your dinner out of the oven, turned it off and shut the door – stop!
Why waste the heat? Leaving the oven door open and allowing the heat to escape, heat up the
kitchen and then flow through to other rooms of the house will potentially stop you from reaching
for the thermostat so quickly. And of course – keep the kids away from the open oven!

A rug
Wooden floors look fantastic, they’re stylish and durable and give every room a luxurious feel. Sadly the main issue with wood flooring is that it feels cold to the touch. Heat also quickly escapes through the floor! So, why not invest in a roll out rug to place on the floor to help save the heat? It’ll feel warmer too. Keep moving If you’re sitting at home, not moving very much then you’re going to feel the cold more. Although many of us want to sit at home comfortably during the cold weather, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get up and move a little. Head out for a walk and get the blood pumping, if you can’t bare the idea of going out, then do some chores around the house!

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