11th December 2015

Babybundle Snuggle Toes Footmuff Review and Giveaway

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 23.14.54With the cold weather well and truly here now, every baby needs to be nice and snug when going out in the buggy. I always wrap Bubs up really well because whilst he is just sitting in his buggy he gets colder than if he was walking. The warmer and the cosier the better.


I was recently asked if I would like to review the Babybundle Snuggle Toes Footmuff and I instantly jumped at the chance. I have the Citi Mini buggy with the Citi Mini footmuff, however I have always felt that the footmuff wasn’t quite thick enough. So when this fluffy soft footmuff arrived I was really keen to try it out.


This universal footmuff that fits any car seat, buggy or travel system. It fits my Citi Mini perfectly and looks really nice too. The lovely fluffy footmuff is white on the outside with grey stars and is grey fleecy on the inside. It is also super easy to fit in the buggy with a zip to fit baby into with ease. The top part does zip of fully so you can just leave the liner in the buggy for those warmer days. The only thing I would be slightly worried about is the fact it isn’t waterproof, for me this isn’t a big problem as I have a rain cover on the buggy which I always take out with me. If you do not have a rain cover though, this snuggle toes isn’t waterproof. Over the last week or so it has been so cold in the mornings, I have put this snuggle toes inside the Citi Mini footmuff. It has kept Bubs super warm and toasty on those cold mornings.

Three different levels for the straps which close with velcro


Two different holes for the part of that the 2 arm steps clip into


Totally separates so you can use the cosy toes with just the part to sit on, This is great for warm days


The Snuggle Toes retails for £29.99 and any baby would thank you for putting them in this. I love the feel, colour and design of this and even better it is machine washable at 40 degrees. The only one thing I would say about this is… I have the Citi Mini and anyone who has the Citi Mini will know the buggy folds up with a handle on the seat. With this foot muff it is slightly hard to grad that handle to fold up the buggy, however it is still fine to use just sometimes a bit hard to grab. I would no way let me put this off buying this footmuff though as it really isn’t a massive problem.

So fluffy to keep baby warm


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  1. Thank you just what’s needed in the cold weather for little ones 🙂 x

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