29th April 2017

4 First Home Improvement Projects In Your New Home

As many of you know by now we are going to be moving into a new home and it is the beginning of an exciting adventure, even though it means packing all our belongings and them trying to unpack them in the new house. More important, a new home can feel impersonal at first, even though we will be surrounded by things that we own and love. Unfortunately, most new homeowners don’t have the budget to start home improvement projects that will help them to feel more at home. While other projects, such as necessary renovations, would have been discussed at the time of purchase, it’s likely that you will be facing a challenge: how can you give your home a personality without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas for you.

1. A Fresh Coat On The Walls
Nothing says mine like a fresh coat of paint on the walls, especially if you pick warm interior colours. Why keep everything Magnolia when you could use colourful accents to create an ambience? If you have antique pieces of furniture, why not create a distressed wall in a rustic shade of green or blue? This would highlight the cosiness of the room elegantly. If you have an entrance hall, a warm palette of colours, such as amber, for example, is a fun and creative way of welcoming your guests. For small rooms, accents in bright and sunny colours, such as peach or yellow, can add a friendly dimension to the room.

Bubs doing a spot of decorating here in Little Mans bedroom.

2. Make The Kitchen Yours
A kitchen upgrade can be very costly, especially if you are planning to change the appliances. But this is the kind of improvement project for which you will be planning a few months to a year ahead, if not more. But what you can do to revive your kitchen décor in the meantime is to be playful with the design. From painting the kitchen cabinets to changing the sink – for example, an Astracast sink is a stainless quality model – there are inexpensive ways to add personality to the room. Additionally, if you are looking for an option to bring more life to the room, growing your own kitchen herbs, will change the atmosphere. Plants are notoriously full of life, and they can brighten up your mood significantly… without mentioning your meals too!

3. Plant A New Tree
If your new home has a garden, celebrate moving in by planting a new tree. Thus you’ll be able to watch it grow as you make the home yours. It’s a nice memory, especially if you are planning to stay for years.

4. Refresh The Entrance
Finally, there’s nothing that says my home quite like painting the front door! Whether you decide to go for a bold red or a sunny yellow, a colourful front door is always a nice way of introducing your family values to the neighbourhood. For best results, you should remove the door and sand it thoroughly before your paint. But don’t worry, it’s the work of an afternoon, so why not make it your weekend’s task and enjoy a fresh new entrance?

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