3rd July 2017

The 3 Garden Features Your Children Are Sure To Love This Summer

The 3 Garden Features Your Children Are Sure To Love This Summer: Getting outside and relaxing in nature (especially with the weather we’re predicted to receive,) is a beautiful thing to imagine when you’re an adult, but with the ever-growing prevalence of video games, amazing television shows, and technologically marvelous toys, the desire for children to stay inside is greater than ever.

This is why it’s more important than ever to encourage your children to play outside and to rest in nature. It’s something that we took for granted as children, but having your own kid’s craft fun memories outside is something that is robbed from many children whose parents don’t consider it an issue.You needn’t force your kids to play outside this summer though. Installing some garden features will allow you, children, to fall in love with their personal garden space, and give you the peace of mind in knowing that they’re having as much natural fun as they can, and developing healthily as a result.

But what garden features are these? Look no further than these:

Climbing Frame
Climbing frames made from wood are sturdy, reliable and fun ways for your kids to traverse and help them burn off their daily energy, which in some cases can seem to be limitless. These run from fairly rudimentary slides to full, large climbing frames replete with monkey bars, slides, poles and sand pits. No matter what your budget, implementing one of these gives your child a ‘base’ for them to play from in their garden, and gives them a fun activity to experience with friends they invite over. Your only problem from then on will be bringing them back in the house for meals or bedtimes!

Butterfly Garden
To develop a love for nature in your child, why not purchase a butterfly garden starter kit? These are wonderful and cheap and can provide entertainment and wonder to your child for some time to come. First, you are given an amount of caterpillars and a safe home to house them in, and then over the next 4 – 6 weeks, a butterfly will spawn. Helping your child to witness this extraordinary life cycle will no doubt interest them in nature, and help them feel involved in an outdoors project.

Beautiful Ponds
If you feel like installing a pond or upgrading your current one, why not involve your child in the process? Sure, they’re not going to lend a hand where digging and purchasing liners, pond air pumps and filtration systems are concerned, but they can surely be asked for tips on what to use it for. Do you plan to keep koi carp? Then why not take your child to the gardening store and allow them to choose some? Do you plan to install a waterfall water feature? Ask them which ones they’d like to see. Involving your child in this process will help them feel like they stamped some of their personality onto that garden, and that will naturally result in them wanting to spend more time there.

Children want to be involved and engaged. Help them learn by osmosis, and they’ll be just as interested in unwinding in the garden space as you are, much to the chagrin of their video game consoles.

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