11th October 2012

11th October 2012. Hamerton Zoo.

Well it was a few weeks back now and the hubby was off work for the week. We were talking about things that we could do that little monkey would enjoy as well. So we went swimming and to soft play areas and the usual. On his last day off we decided we were going to go to Hamerton Zoo in Sawtry near Peterborough.

Now none of us had ever been here before and I wasn’t too sure what to expect if I am being honest. We decided to give it a go anyway.

We arrived about 1230 and there was a lot of cars there and a bus, I thought it must be good as there were so many people there. We walked up to the gate and it was starting to look really good. When you go to a zoo I think of a zoo like Whipsnade Zoo. I knew it was going to be a lot smaller here, and I was not too sure what animals there would be. Anyway we paid our money and walked through and to my total amazement it looked brilliant. It looked clean and tidy and so well looked after. I thought the paths and where you walk would be just grass, but I was wrong.  The paths were paved, with wooden structures over the top in case it rains, or to keep the sun off if you were there the day were/

Little monkey was only 16 months old at the time and we got him out of his pushchair and he was so excited. He was giggling non stop. He particularly like the massive tortoises. He stood watching them do, hummm, well nothing for ages.

As we were walked around it did not feel busy at all. Everyone was just getting on with their own thing walking around and it was really pleasant. It was such a lovely day the sun was shining which made it that little bit better.

At each enclosure there was a sign saying what the animals were that you were looking at. Good job as a lot I didn’t know. We were stood watching a little monkey, he wasn’t doing a lot and then he started running around and climbing up the cage and our little monkey thought it was hilarious. I was really happy to see all of the animals had very spacious and clean cages so they had a lot of space to run around.

We then saw little kangaroos, birds, monkeys and this big boy… Yes a Cheetah sunning himself on his wooden platform, he was posing for this picture as you can see.

After walking around our little man was getting hungry, so we decided to find a nice bit of grass and get out our picnic. We were so lucky as it was such a lovely day.  Little man just wanted to run off while he was eating to see the animals. We decided to quickly eat up and go and see what other beautiful animals there were.

Around each corner was a different animal from snakes to Zebras to lizards and camels and of course two Tigers.  A brown and a white one. Now unfortunately we didn’t get to see the  Brown one as he was sleeping in the long grass. We managed to get picture of the white one and he came right up to the fence to see us looking at him. He was a beauty.

Towards the end of the Zoo experience there is a lovely restaurant and a nice place to sit outside but with a roof over it. There is a little shop to buy any gifts or little toy animals. There are toilets and baby changing area.

I wont tell you everything as you have to see to see for yourself dont want to spoil the fun. Me and the hubby would most definitely recommend this place. Its a great morning or afternoon out. The kids will enjoy it so much especially feeding the sheep. I must say me and the other half really enjoyed ourselves as well.
I would give Hamerton Zoo 10/10  Very impressed!!

Please take a look at their website for prices and pictures  http://www.hamertonzoopark.com/

Just to let you all know Hamerton Zoo have very kindly donated a voucher for me to give away in a competition which I will be running in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled.

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