New Year New Goals

I am not really one to make resolutions, I don’t really stick to them and end up forgetting what I said. So this year I have decided to Set myself some goals and I thought I would share them with you. Make a go of my Youtube As it currently stands I have 529 subscribers on Youtube. I have made videos of review items and some challenges. I have dipped in and out of Youtube as and when, but this year I want to make a real go of my channel. I am setting myself a goal of 4k Subscribers by… View Post

Santa landed at Wyevale Garden Centre

With Christmas literally days away the kids had been asking to go and see Santa for ages. We were due to go last weekend but with the heavy snow we were unable to get there. We ended up going yesterday (Saturday 16th December)   Both of the boys were so excited and couldn’t wait to see Santa. Upon arriving at Wyevale as soon as you walk through the door you can see big green circles on the floor saying ‘ To Santas’ Grotto’  Follow the circles and you will end up finding Santa. I would say this is exactly what… View Post

Hot Wheels Roto revolution Track Set Review

My boys go mad for Hot Wheels and receiving this set to review was no different, I knew they were going to love it. If you love this review keep an eye out for another upcoming review of the Hot Wheels Stunt Bridge Track Set. The track comes with very few parts which is great, anything that makes it easy to set up for us parent hey. Again this set is so simple and easy to set up and in fact I set it up from just the picture on the box. Although I set this up Little Man would be… View Post

Baby Born Shower Review

A little while ago now we reviewed the Baby born Interactive doll and it was a real hit with Bubs. He is just 3 years old and loves babies, he is so loving and caring and loves looking after babies even though he is still my baby. We recently went to see our friends in Bournemouth and they have a new baby, Bubs absolutely loved holding him, kissing him and just generally being around fussing him. Sometimes if we are out and he sees a baby he will say ‘ ahhhh Mummy look baby how cute’ and I find the… View Post

Santa called us – Portable North Pole and discount code

This weekend we had a really magical few minutes with the boys. The REAL Santa  called for the boys and it was just so magical I urge you all to do it for your children. Doug changed my mobile number in his phone to Santa’s Elf he went over to where the kids were and put down his phone. I then rang it knowing the kids would see, which they did. Little man went mad shouting and screaming that Santa’s Elf was calling. Doug then pretended to speak to ‘Santas Elf’ who was calling to say there was a live… View Post

Bang on review from Drumond Park

YAY! Another review from Drumond Park and another fantastic game to tell you all about. Bang on is fast thinking, fast moving, team game. The kind of game that is really so much fun to play and everyone gets a little too excited for (in a good way) The game is aimed at ages 8 and over and for 2 teams of any numbers. Whats in the box… Bang on unit 99 question cards Playing board Hammer Sticker sheet (I am rubbish at sticking theses on straight) 1 challenge card 2 playing pieces Before you start playing make sure you have… View Post

Shark Bite review from Drumond Park

Knowing something is going to happen but not knowing when makes me really tense and this is exactly what happens when playing Shark Bite. I find the anticipation of waiting bring so much excitement to the game. Aim of the game… To collect the fish before the shark bites and the winner is the player with the most fish. This game is aimed at people age 4 + and is for 2-4 players. Whats in the box… 1 Shark 12 Pieces of Shark food (the fish) 1 fishing rod 1 dice 1 sticker sheet This is a really simple and… View Post