Moving home check list

We have now been in our new home for just over a year, yet it only seems like yesterday we moved. I remember just like it was yesterday the stresses of moving home and it really was a stressful time. There is so much to remember, so many forms to sign, so many things to read and check and just make sure everything is in hand and correct. It can become all too much if you are trying to juggle moving home, looking after your family and holding down a job al at the same time. I have put together… View Post

Update on moving home…

If you are not aware we are in the process of moving home, you can read part one here. I just thought I would do an update to document where we are currently at. Things have not been plain sailing so far so we are hoping things will be a bit better from now on. So our chain finally completed about 8 weeks after we sold our house. The top of our chain is a really old lady who just didn’t seem to understand that so many people under her were waiting on her to get a property. It all… View Post

We are moving home

We are at the start of our moving journey and I have decided to document it on the blog and on my Youtube channel. It is a very bitter sweet move, we really don’t want to move BUT we really need extra space. The house we are currently in is a 3 bedroom detached house so although it is a decent size we need more space. Anyone with kids will understand that kids toys just take over the whole place. This is our lovely home currently… We are moving out of our 3 bed detached house into a 4 bed… View Post