Our first week of living on a budget

I told you last week that I was going to start spending only £50 a week on our food shopping. There were so many ways we could cut down and here is how we did… Day 1… Stuffed Peppers with new potatoes, salad and corn on the cob. (not the best pic as I forgot to take a picture and I had already started eating) The rest of the salad items can be used for lunches along with the left over potatoes.   DAY 2… Fish with salad and paprika wedges. We used salad which we already had from the… View Post

Living on a budget

I am now at the point of receiving no money from work due to being on maternity leave for over 9 months. I was on full pay for 6 months, then 6-9 I was on statutory pay and now 9 – 12 months I receive nothing. Although we can live on hubby’s money I have decided to try to budget and shop more carefully. I am giving us a £50 a week challenge and really have no idea how we will do. We have been spending £100+ a week and a lot of it is on stuff we really do… View Post