Garden Renovations

With it coming up to the summer we are really wanting to enjoy our garden this year. After moving home 18 months ago the main focus has been to re-decorate the inside of our home to get it more to our taste. This means the garden has been left and it isn’t the nicest of places to sit and relax on a sunny day. I have seen so many people doing garden renovations recently on Youtube and have so many ideas for how I would like ours to look. We need a space for the kids, space for our hot… View Post

Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Involved In Gardening

When the weather is right, I love getting out in the garden and getting my hands dirty. Recently I have thought about including my kids in this activity. I think it’s good chance to get them away from the TV and allow them to start learning about nature before they go over it in school. That’s right when it comes to wildlife and the environment, my kids are going to go to the top of the class! Or, maybe I just think they’re going to look cute carrying around a little shovel and rake. But they question is how do… View Post