Fun at Peterborough Museum

This half term I noticed that Peterborough Museum had owls and bird and reptiles coming in. The Owls and birds were there one day and the reptiles another day. Little Man loves Owls so we decided to go when they were there. Little Man had a wonderful time holding the Owls, looking around the museum and looking out for clues to spell a mystery word. You can see more from our fun day hereĀ on video  

Orchard Toys, Where do I live?

Once again we bring you a fantastic review from Orchard Toys, Where do I live? Orchard Toys is still a firm favourite in our household. Little man loves going through the brochure each time we have a new game and ticking off which ones we have. This time we bring you … Where do I live? A fantastic quality board game for ages 3-6 years and 2-4 players. Orchard Toys design all of their games with fun and eduction both in mind. All games are fun to play and hidden behind the fun is the educational value of each game.… View Post