A day at Newmarket races

Since I was very young I can remember my Dad watching the horse racing on TV. We went to a few race days when I was younger and it was such a fun day out. Newmarket was the main one we used to visit and now I am older and have my own children I love to take them. A day out at the races isn’t just for grown up men and woman to go drinking champagne and betting on horses for the day… well that is one part of it however it can also be an amazing family day… View Post

Family day at Newmarket Horse Racing

Coming from a family who loves horse racing I was super excited to attend the first race of the Summer Saturday season at Newmarket this weekend (10th June) The weather couldn’t have been any better its was a scorching hot day and we had a fantastic time. We had tickets for the family enclosure which was upgraded so we were able to walk through to the parade ring. I would highly suggest if you are going with a family that it is so worth while upgrading to be able to walk through to the parade ring. The kids absolutely loved… View Post

Bubs first Seaside trip

On Monday we decided to go to Hunstanton. BIG MISTAKE as the traffic was horrendous, a 1 hour journey took us 2 hours and it was the same coming home. It was however a great day as it was Bubs first seaside trip and he loved it. We sat on the beach for lunch and after Little Man wanted to go on the rides. I am never to keen on going on those sorts of rides as you hear of all sorts, but he wanted to go so we stuck to the safe ones. He went on the carousel, big… View Post

Sightseeing with the Kids: Keeping it Fun

Sightseeing with the Kids: Keeping it Fun Visiting London with the kids isn’t always easy, especially when you expect them to traipse around the city seeing sights that they may not be as interested in. You have a window of opportunity really, where they won’t complain, and that’s when you’re still able to strap them into their pushchair with a bag of raisins to keep them busy. Other than that, visiting the city with children requires a great deal of organisation so that you, and they, enjoy themselves. Before you head off on your mini-break with the children, book your family… View Post

Our day trip to Chessington World of Adventures

Last week we were lucky enough to be given complimentary tickets to Chessington World of Adventures. It is 14 5 miles away from where we live, so we had an early start. I wanted to make sure we made the most of our day and spent the whole day there. I got up at 0700 and made us all a pack up and snacks for the car journey. We set off about 0830 and Little man was really excited. Our Sat Nav directed us right to the gates. We parked up and headed for the gates to pick up our… View Post