Whats that smell review

If you are a long term reader of my blog you will know we love a family games day. We love any type of game wether that be a board game or a fun silly non board game. We were recently given the chance the review What’s that smell and I knew it would be so much fun just from the name of it. So what does the game include… whiff strips 48 mystery whiff cards 6 cardholders scorepad 4 stank cards and scent barrier bags instructions This is a game the whole family can play and it is so… View Post

Bang on review from Drumond Park

YAY! Another review from Drumond Park and another fantastic game to tell you all about. Bang on isĀ fast thinking, fast moving, team game. The kind of game that is really so much fun to play and everyone gets a little too excited for (in a good way) The game is aimed at ages 8 and over and for 2 teams of any numbers. Whats in the box… Bang on unit 99 question cards Playing board Hammer Sticker sheet (I am rubbish at sticking theses on straight) 1 challenge card 2 playing pieces Before you start playing make sure you have… View Post

Shark Bite review from Drumond Park

Knowing something is going to happen but not knowing when makes me really tense and this is exactly what happens when playing Shark Bite. I find the anticipation of waiting bring so much excitement to the game. Aim of the game… To collect the fish before the shark bites and the winner is the player with the most fish. This game is aimed at people age 4 + and is for 2-4 players. Whats in the box… 1 Shark 12 Pieces of Shark food (the fish) 1 fishing rod 1 dice 1 sticker sheet This is a really simple and… View Post

Drumond Park OG on the Bog review and Giveaway

With a very excitable 4 year old in the house I knew this game would go down a storm when it arrived. We love the anticipation this game brings of who will make Og do a massive trump and blow the sides of the toilet down. Little Man gets so excited when we play and we all really get into it. This game is so very simple to play and is very easy but it brings a lot of fun. Included in the box… Og sat on his bog spinner 12 loo rolls instruction booklet Aim of the game is… View Post