A guide to Buying Practical Gifts for Your SO

Whether it is for Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary, you might struggle to buy them the right gifts. No-one wants to buy their loved one a gift which is just going to end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere. One of the best ways to avoid this is to choose a gift which is practical as well as thoughtful. Keep reading for some of the best practical gifts you could buy for your significant other.ClothesObviously, one of the first things you will consider when trying to buy a practical gift is clothing. If you buy clothing for… View Post

Our trip to Tropical Island Resort – Berlin

It was Doug’s Birthday in April and I decided to take him away with the kids to Tropical Island Resort in Berlin. I had seen a little bit about what this place was and it looked amazing. Although it’s a waterpark this is a place for adults as well as kids. With the kids coming with us it had to be a place they would enjoy as well. I set about booking the flights, we hired a car and stayed in a mobile home at Tropical Island Resort. We flew on the 26th August and stayed for 3 night’s with… View Post

Back to School checklist

As some of you may know I have one child going into Y4 and another starting reception this September. I can not believe that I will have 2 children in school, they grow up so fast. With one of them being in Y4 and another in Reception their back to school needs are very different. So I have put together a few items that may help you with younger and older children with back to school. Decent size backpack – I bought my eldest a school book bag when he first started school and it soon became very obvious that… View Post

Our dream horse with Petplan Equine insurance

When Little Man was given the chance to design his own horse with Petplan and have it made into a soft cuddly horse I knew this would be something he would be so excited about. If I was given the chance to do this now I would (big kid) Over the years blogging has bought some weird and wonderful experiences and opportunities but this has to be one that’s just so different and exciting. I had to help him draw the outline of the horse but left everything else down to him, from the design to colours he used. He… View Post

Drumond Park Word Bandit Review and Giveaway

I have recently been lucky enough to work with Drumond Park again and today I bring you a review and GIVEAWAY for Word Bandit. I knew my boys would love this even if the youngest just liked to pull the handle down on the word spinner. The game comes with… word bandit machine playing board 2 playing pieces (you play as 2 teams) sand timer The game is one of those that I love, you can get it straight out of the box and you are ready to play, there really is no setting up and it takes seconds to… View Post

WIN a Lindt Bear Advent Calendar

It is that time of year again where you just can’t deny what is just around the corner. Christmas, yes Christmas is almost upon us and there is nothing more exciting than counting down those final few days than eating a chocolate each day. Wow Free Stuff are giving you the chance to win a  lindt Bear advent calendar and it looks amazing. How cute is the bear looking through the door on the 24th! I have seen these advent calendars in previous years and never bought myself one, however this year I am going to enjoy trying this luxurious… View Post

Safety first when going skiing

Whilst we all want to go on a ski holiday to have fun and enjoying sliding down the slopes at high speed, or in my case sliding down on my bottom we all know safety must come first. Safety is paramount wether you are a professional or learner. If you are going on your first ski holiday you need to make sure you kit yourself out with some warm clothes, thermal under layers, thermal gloves ski goggles and helmet. You may think wearing a ski helmet will do nothing for your street cred, however its safety first. I think after… View Post

Ways to improve kitchen layout

The kitchen is a major part of the household. Kitchen is the place that we’ll always return to. No matter how busy we have been during the day, no matter where we have been, at the end of the day, when we return home, kitchen is the place we’ll always find our back. This is why it’s important that we keep finding ways and methods to improve our kitchen layout. Making it easier for us to work in, and making it more pleasurable, so that we could enjoy our time spent cooking and working there. Following are mentioned some ways… View Post

Where have I been?

Its been a while since I last wrote a personal post about our little family and I thought it was about time I updated you all on what’s been going on. We had the move in October last year, we have been in our new house a year on the 16th October 2018. After we moved home there were a lot of problems which have taken a while and lots of time to resolve, we are finally getting there with those now though. We have had a lot of decorating to do as the whole of upstairs was pink and… View Post

Going on a road trip – Make sure your car is safe!

When going on a road trip it can be very easy to overlook things we just assume will be fine. When taking the car out on a normal day we don’t need to check the tyres, oil, lights every time, however if you are going on a road trip it is very important to make sure your car is in the best condition it can be. There are a few important things that your really must check before going on a long journey. Tyres… Always make sure your tyres are legal, the minimum legal thread is 1.6mm. You could always… View Post