Back to School checklist

As some of you may know I have one child going into Y4 and another starting reception this September. I can not believe that I will have 2 children in school, they grow up so fast. With one of them being in Y4 and another in Reception their back to school needs are very different. So I have put together a few items that may help you with younger and older children with back to school. Decent size backpack – I bought my eldest a school book bag when he first started school and it soon became very obvious that… View Post

Jakes Shoes and back to School

It is that time when we need to start getting the kids stuff ready for back to school. I always leave everything till the last minute and then end up rushing around. Each year I tell myself I wont do it that way again and each year I end up rushing around in the last week. This year I was lucky enough to be asked by Jakes shoes to review a pair of school shoes for Little Man. Since he has been at school I have always bought expensive shoes from proper shoe shops. I just feel paying the extra… View Post

Back to School with Blogging Mummy

I really can not believe how fast the summer holidays have gone. One minute we are getting ready for the summer, sorting out child care and looking forward to lay-ins, the next minute we are getting ready for back to school. Little Man actually has a little bit longer than everyone else due to our family holiday. We didnt want to take him out of school however those of you that know the trouble we had re-arranging our holiday and swapping it from Turkey will know we had no choice. So this now leaves me with making sure everything is… View Post

First pair of school shoes with Brantano

We were recently asked if we would like to choose a pair of school shoes from Brantano. I told Little Man and he was really excited. This will be his first ever pair of shoes and the day of going to get them was a very bitter-sweet moment. I am so Happy that Little Man is going to school however I will miss him so much during the day. We arranged to go to our local Brantano store and we were all greet by a lovely lady called Leanne. Little Man went really shy and didn’t really want to speak.… View Post