Tuesday 2nd October 2012. Xscape Monkey.

  We popped into Queensgate at the weekend and Archie saw this monkey and decided he wanted to go over and have a cuddle. He loved the monkey who was there promoting Xscape. Archie was smiling all the way out of Queensagte and all the way home.  

Tuesday 2nd October 2012. Carpet has been cleaned

Well I said last week we were getting our carpets cleaned. We had the whole house done which was a total nightmare as we had to move everything.  Our kitchen and conservatory was jammed full of all of our furniture and we couldn’t hardly get in there. Our cats thought something was going on as they could not settle. So Alex from Crystal Clear turned up Monday 1st October at 11.15. He was a lovely guy and explained what he was going to do and in what order he would do the rooms. He started off in our living room.… View Post

Sunday 30th September 2012. Nursery Time

Well 3 months ago my little man started nursery at Kiddicaru in Peterborough. He absolutely loves it but we did have some struggles to start with. To start with he went for a few half days to settle him in we did some in the morning and some in the afternoon. Every time I left him he cried and cried which was hard but I knew it would pay off in the end when he got used to it and made new friends. Nowadays I take him in and he just runs off and gets his breakfast and isn’t bothered… View Post

Saturday 29th September 2012. Kiddicare

Today we have been to Kiddicare Peterborough. We are very lucky to live so close to a Kiddicare store. The store is set over three floors. On the ground floor you have everything you need accessories wise from bottles to sun shades for the car, to nappies and toys. You then have the second floor. Here you have all the prams and pushchairs. There are loads and loads out for you to have a look at.  Finally the third floor is bedroom furniture and bedding. Kiddicare also have the 3D scanning room so you can go and find out the… View Post

Saturday 29th September 2012. Carpet Cleaning.

Well, having a new baby carpets do not stay clean, especially after they are sick on the carpet and food gets dropped on the carpet,  so I have decided to have my carpets cleaned. The guy is coming on Monday and he is doing the Living room, stairs, landing and two bedrooms for £50. I cant wait to have nice new looking carpets so I shall let you know on Monday how it goes.

Friday 28th September 2012. Hello blogging World!

Well here is my first ever post, on my first ever blog. I have to say I am really excited about starting this blog and can’t wait to get posting on here. I have decided to do this as my little boy is now 16 months old, this blog will mainly revolve around him and new things he’s been doing and milestones he gets to. Then later in life he will be able to look back at this and see exactly what was happening at certain times in his little young life. About me… I am 25 years old and my… View Post