Monday 22nd October 2012 Fire Alarm!!!

So there has been some very sad news in the newspaper recently about the family who were involved in the house fire. As I was reading about it, I was thinking to my self that I have not checked our fire alarm recently. I instantly got up and made sure both of our fire alarms were working. We have one upstairs and down stairs. It is obviously extra important to make sure they work with little man in the house. I hope all of you who read this post go and check your fire alarms now. It only 2 minutes… View Post

Saturday 20th October 2012. Staying In

Most weekends we go out and do something from, shopping to soft play etc. As little man is now 17 months old he wants to be out and about all the time. He loves being outside which is great. Today we decided to have a really lazy day, we decided last night we were going to have a really lazy day. Heating on and lounge wear on all day and do nothing. Little man didn’t wake up till 0850 this morning, which is quite late as its usually about 0730 to 0800. When I heard him up I looked at… View Post

Thursday 18th October 2012. Exciting stuff, Well for me…

So, I have been blogging for the last few weeks now, but I now have something very exciting to do. Yes it is my first ever review coming up very soon. I am over the moon that I have been given an opportunity to do a review. It makes me feel like people enjoy me blog and think it is worth giving me a product to write a review on my blog. I have to say I absolutely love writing my blog and sharing our family goings on with you all. I feel that I have become slightly addicted and… View Post

Wednesday 17th october 2012. Hand prints.

Today we decided to try a new toddler group close to where we live. I am not really keen on going to new toddler groups as most of the ones I have tried before are so clicky. I went to one group a few months ago, We ended up going 5 times and in that time no one made any effort at all to speak to me. On the 4th time we went the lady who runs it came up to me and said “hi is this your first time here” well I was so shocked, I had seen her… View Post

The ups and downs on my pregnancy and the birth.

Well I thought I would share with you my experience of being pregnant and theĀ  birth of my little monkey. I found out I was pregnant on the 31st August 2010. I can say that I instantly felt scared of being pregnant and especially the birth. The other half and I were so overjoyed that the feeling of being scared so went. Quite quickly I became very excited and wanted to go out buying things for the new baby. I was brought back down to earth though by hubby telling me to wait till after our 12 week scan, then… View Post

Monday 15th October 2012. Gaslight Anthem

Well yesterday the other half and I got a rare opportunity to go out on our own for the day without little monkey. Little monkey loves being with his grandma and grandad, mainly as he gets his own way and gets spoilt. Anyway the other half and I really like a band called Gaslight Anthem, yesterday we had tickets to go to O2 Academy in Brixton to see them play live. Grandad came over to pick little monkey up at 1, he then dropped us off at the train station. I was really looking forward to the day as i… View Post

15th October 2012. Playtime!

After reading on we saw that there was a post about the spinney in Little Bytham, which is near Peterborough. We thought it looked like a lot of fun and decided to take our little monkey. We really wasn’t to sure if he would be to young but decided to give it a go anyway. Sunday afternoon we got all wrapped up as it was a bit chilly and off we went. It is not the easiest place to find and is not signposted that well. We parked up and thought it looked lovely, with all the trees and… View Post