15th October 2012. Playtime!

After reading on www.mummybird.com we saw that there was a post about the spinney in Little Bytham, which is near Peterborough. We thought it looked like a lot of fun and decided to take our little monkey. We really wasn’t to sure if he would be to young but decided to give it a go anyway. Sunday afternoon we got all wrapped up as it was a bit chilly and off we went. It is not the easiest place to find and is not signposted that well. We parked up and thought it looked lovely, with all the trees and… View Post

11th October 2012. Hamerton Zoo.

Well it was a few weeks back now and the hubby was off work for the week. We were talking about things that we could do that little monkey would enjoy as well. So we went swimming and to soft play areas and the usual. On his last day off we decided we were going to go to Hamerton Zoo in Sawtry near Peterborough. Now none of us had ever been here before and I wasn’t too sure what to expect if I am being honest. We decided to give it a go anyway. We arrived about 1230 and there… View Post

Tuesday 9th October 2012. Big boy

I just wanted to share this lovely picture with you. Its my little boy looking like a big boy, sitting at the table in a big chair. He kept smiling so much thinking he was a big boy. So proud of himself.  

Just like daddy

This picture was taken when Little monkey was three months old. Little monkeys daddy has always said he would love himself and Monkey to have matching hats when he is older. Daddy always wears this hat when he can not be bothered to do his hair and it is his favourite hat. One day I decided to put the hat on little monkey and take a picture and send it to the other half at work to make him smile. He absolutely loved the picture and said it made him smile. Now our little monkey is 17 moths old hes… View Post

Monday 8th October 2012 Spicy Shepherds Pie.

Well as promised earlier here is my Spicy Shepherds Pie recipe. I would just like to say that when my partner said about making this recipe I was a bit hesitant. It didn’t seem right to me. Shepherds Pie is Shepherds pie and shouldn’t be messed with. Anyway I gave it a go and now it is my absolute favourite. We love it and give it 10/10 (add any seasoning along the way as you wish, personally I don’t use any salt or pepper in this recipe) I hope some of you will try this as it is so nice.… View Post

Monday 8th October 2012. Retweet please.

Hi ladies and Gents I would like to offer you all the chance to win a lovely Girard New york Nights body lotion set. Included in the set is 75ml Shower gel, 75ml Body lotion and 30 ml perfume. The set comes in a lovely box. All you have to do to win this lovely set is to re tweet the link on my twitter and follow me, then when I reach 60 followers I will choose one lucky winner from my twitter followers. Twitter name @bloggingmummy87 Good luck everyone.

Dyson DC34 Handheld Hoover review

Well I recently purchased the Dyson DC34. I would like to share with you my thoughts on this product. I purchased this hand held hoover as I was forever getting out our big hoover if Archie had eaten a biscuit and some had gone on the floor or just crumbs on the carpet. It is so much easier to just whip this little Dyson out and hoover up the mess and put it back away. In the past I have had a couple of hand held hoovers and they were not very good as in they didn’t have a lot… View Post

Saturday 6th October 2012. POSH!!

Come on POSH. The other half is a big fan of Peterborough United Football Club and he unfortunately has a season ticket. That means every other Saturday and Some Tuesday nights he goes off to watch Posh play. They are however not doing to well this season so hes not too happy. Today hes off out for a few drinks before the game while me and the boy stay at home and have messy time, painting today. Then later tonight I am off out with the girlies for a meal at Pizza express, a place I haven’t been to in… View Post

Saturday 6th October 2012. My week of blogging.

Well guys that is my first week of being a new mummy blogger completed. All I can say is WOW. Its changed me so much in a week. Firstly I am now always checking my emails and my Twitter constantly. Checking my blog to see how many people have viewed it and checking out other mummies blogs. I have become part of my blog groups and met many new people. Although the other half is not to happy when he gets home from work and Ive been blogging and forgot to do the dinner for him. I hope you have… View Post