New Kitchen

My partner and I decided we were going to splash out on a new kitchen. We had been debating for a while if we would buy a new kitchen or not, due to us wanting to move. We would like to move to a 4 bedroom house, but we are not really ready at the minute. So after much deliberating we decided to buy a new kitchen, but not go over the top spending loads. We started Looking around and firstly went to Homebase. All we wanted was something that looked nice, would last a few years and not cost… View Post

Sunday 4th November 2012. Poorly :-(

Just a quick post on this Sunday afternoon. Sorry for not writing any posts for 4 days but the family have been poorly. Firstly little man had a high temperature on Tuesday morning, he had some calpol which bought his temperature down. After about 4 hours he started to get hot again. I went to get him some more calpol and as I was coming back he was sick everywhere 🙁 hate seeing my little man poorly. He went to bed early on Tuesday night, but was awake again about 0100. I went in to make sure he was OK.… View Post

Halloween Pumpkin Carving.

Little man’s Grandad has been saying for a few weeks how he will help with the pumpkin carving. Today we went over to my Mum and Dads house and the pair of them made two pumpkins. At first little man was not to keen on touching the inside of the pumpkin, he hates his hands being dirty. His Grandad gave him a bit to hold and he threw it straight on the floor as he didn’t like it. He soon got into it though. Little man and mummy carving the pumpkin. I am really not the best at carving pumpkins… View Post

Lemon and Lime Chicken with Egg Fried Rice

I have said before in previous posts, I really am not the best of cooks. Before I got together with my other half I really didn’t do a lot of cooking. Then we got together and he is a great cook. I was really intimidated by his cooking to start with. He is so good I thought what ever I cook will not be anywhere near as good, so I hated cooking. After a while I decided rather than being scared of cooking, i would watch him and start cooking. We all have to learn and start somewhere. I started… View Post

Monday 29th October 2012. Getting Dark

As you all know the clocks went back this weekend. I hate this time of year when it gets dark early. Today I was sat watching Fireman Sam with little man and it went really dark. It was only 1530 so I thought it was going to rain. No i was wrong, no rain. It was just getting dark at 1530. I could not believe how early it was, way to early to be getting dark. I prefer to the light summer nights, when you can come home from work and sit in the garden. What do you prefer?

Hot Dots Jr. Review

I have now been lucky enough to be given my first item to review, I couldn’t have been more excited. The items I have been sent to review is Hot Dots Jr from Learning Resources. I could not wait to open the package and see what was inside. To review, I was given the Hot Dots Jr numbers and counting cards and the Hot Dots Pen. The Number and Counting cards come in a lovely Colorful box, with a handle on the top so the children can carry it around easily. The lid seals shut with Velcro, which is easy… View Post

Thursday 25th October 2012. Bad Night :-(

Little man fast asleep! Not to last 🙁 Since little man has been 6 weeks old, he has more or less slept through the whole night. We have had the very odd night when he was teething or poorly that he has woken up, but this is probably around 5-6 times since he was 6 weeks old. Everyone tells us how lucky we are. Little man goes to be between 1900 and 2000. He will then sleep straight through till between 0700 to 0800 the next morning. He also will go to bed and go straight to sleep. We lay… View Post

Wednesday 24th October 2012. YUMMY!!

This morning started off with us gong to toddler group. Little man loves going to play and he gets so excited when I ask him if he wants to play. After toddler group little man was so tired, we didn’t have a very good night last night. For some reason little man would not go to sleep, eventually he fell asleep in my arms at 2330. This morning he still woke up at normal time so he was extra tired. I let him sleep for 2.5 hours this afternoon and then i went to wake him up. If he slept… View Post

Little mans first trip on a Plane

In May 2012 we had a holiday booked to go to Egypt. I was very apprehensive as I had never taken a baby on an aeroplane. Before little man was born I used to get so annoyed if we got on a plane and was sat next to a baby or a child. I was now that person, the person with a baby who no one wants to sit next to. The other half was relaxed about it and said everything would be OK. I was so scared that little man was going to cry and scream all the way… View Post

Tuesday 23rd October 2012. Bourne Woods.

Every Tuesday little monkey and myself go over to Bourne to see my Mum and Dad. My Dad takes little monkey out for a walk whilst I go to my Nans and help her to clean up. Today my Dad said he was going to take little monkey to Bourne Woods to have his lunch there. I thought that it would be lovely as little monkey loves being outdoors. Little monkey had his little pack up and off he went with my Dad. When they got back my dad told me what a great time they had and how little… View Post