Help, Macdonalds!!

I have a question for all you Mummy and Daddys out there. What do you think about children having McDonalds? Me and the other half have different opinions on this one. I think that once in a while is OK. Now by once in a while I mean once every 2-3 months. While the other half thinks little man should never have a McDonalds and it’s really bad for him. I was out with little man on Tuesday and he had not eaten his lunch before we went out. While we were out in town he decided he was really… View Post

Friday 16th November 2012. Children in Need.

  Today as I am sure you all know is Children in Need. Usually where I work not a lot of people get involved with things like this. Today seemed to be different though. We had fun games and quizzes food and cakes. Most of the games were 40p. My favourite was a really simple but addictive game. The was a piece of string with 30 pegs on it, the aim was to see who could take the most pegs off the string using one hand only at all times. We had to keep all the pegs in our hand… View Post

Tuesday 13th November 2012. Fireman Sam.

I remember when I was young I used to love Fireman Sam. My little man certainly takes after me. Everything is Fireman Sam. He’s got Fireman Sam backpack, Fireman Sam quilt cover and pillow case, Soft toys, Fire engines and loads of Fireman Sam clothes. I also find my self watching Fireman Sam all the time on TV. The other day there was one of the really old Fireman Sams on TV. It’s amazing how much it has changed. Is any one else Sam crazy? I actually find my self wanting to watch Sam on TV now. Oh and when… View Post

Monday 12th November 2012. Chilling after a busy day.

Today little man and myself have had a very busy day. We have finished our Christmas shopping, done food shopping and had to go pick the other half up from work. I know it doesn’t sound too much, but by the time little man has been fed, slept changed and done all as above, it’s almost a whole day. Little man is very god for a while in his pushchair, but after about 1hr he wants to get out and walk. He hates me holding his hand, but if I don’t he runs off. I had to share this picture… View Post

saturday 10th November 2012. Homemade Pizza.

We like to make our own pizza and they taste so much better than shop bought ones. Or I think better than dominos. Our favourite is chicken, pepperoni, spinach, peppers and mushrooms with lots of cheese. Tonight we decided to have homemade pizza with homemade chips. We started off by putting the pizza base mixture in our bread maker. This takes 25 minutes to mix up. I then roll the mixture out and make it into a round pizza shape. We add all the toppings until there is no space left on the pizza. Once we are happy with how… View Post

Friday 9th November 2012. Karvol

Over the last week the family have all been unwell. I wrote a post about my little man having a high temperature and being sick. Well now he’s full of cold and his nose is like a river. The problem we have is when it comes to-night time and he lays down his nose blocks up. he sleeps for a little bit and then wakes up crying and can’t breath through his nose, which I think scares him a bit. I tried baby Vicks on his chest and it didn’t really work. He already sleeps with a pillow so I tried to prop him up more… View Post

Thursday 8th November 2012. Seeing the Clairvoyant.

So last night I went to see a clairvoyant. I have always been very sceptical about this sort of thing. Over the last few months a lot of people around me have been, they have told me about their experiences and I though I have to give this a go. Me and my friend were talking about it last week and decided to book to see a lady called Pam in our area. She has been doing readings for the last 15 years. I was nervous and excited. A couple of people I spoke to told me that she had got there reading… View Post

Wednesday 7th November 2012. Clairvoyant

Tonight I am going to do something I have never done before. I am going with my friend to see a clairvoyant. Personally it has not been something I have really ever thought about doing before, but my friend asked if I wanted to go and I said yes. I am very nervous and apprehensive, but excited as well. The other half thinks it is all a load of rubbish. To be honest I am not convinced my self, but we will see tonight. I will put another post on here later to let you know how it all goes.

New Kitchen

My partner and I decided we were going to splash out on a new kitchen. We had been debating for a while if we would buy a new kitchen or not, due to us wanting to move. We would like to move to a 4 bedroom house, but we are not really ready at the minute. So after much deliberating we decided to buy a new kitchen, but not go over the top spending loads. We started Looking around and firstly went to Homebase. All we wanted was something that looked nice, would last a few years and not cost… View Post

Sunday 4th November 2012. Poorly :-(

Just a quick post on this Sunday afternoon. Sorry for not writing any posts for 4 days but the family have been poorly. Firstly little man had a high temperature on Tuesday morning, he had some calpol which bought his temperature down. After about 4 hours he started to get hot again. I went to get him some more calpol and as I was coming back he was sick everywhere 🙁 hate seeing my little man poorly. He went to bed early on Tuesday night, but was awake again about 0100. I went in to make sure he was OK.… View Post