Sunday 6th January 2013, Red nail varnish, White carpet.

Last Friday we had a friend’s wedding to go to. I decided that for the first time in however long I was going to paint my nails. Not the usual pale colours I usually go for, no.  A bright rich red colour. I was sitting downstairs with little man playing with his toys. I had the little table up and had my nail varnish on the table,Ii was very aware that my little man was playing, and I needed  to be careful that he did not grab the bottle. So imagine this…. I am sitting there painting my nails, red… View Post

Friday 4th January 2013. Moving bedrooms.

Little man is now 19 months old. His bedroom that he was in, was getting to small for him. He had a cot, wardrobe and a changing table with draws in his room. There was just about room for me to walk between the cot and the wardrobe.  The cot was almost the length of the room. You can now imagine how small it was. My partner and I had decided that after Christmas we were going to move him into the bigger room, which is a lot bigger. You can fit two double beds in it and still have… View Post

Sunday 30th December 2012. Highs and Lows of 2012.

1. What was your happiest moment? My happiest moment of 2012 was… going on our first holiday as a family with Little man. We went to Egypt, and we had a fantastic time. Have some great family memories from the holiday. It was lovely just to spent time with my other half and Little man for 2 weeks just the three of us. 2. What was the saddest thing to happen. This year for us has been a pretty good year. But for the last few months little man has been poorly on and off. I kept taking him to… View Post

Sunday 30th December 2012. I am back!!

  Hello to all the people who read my blog. I am really sorry that I have not posted anything on here over the festive period. On Christmas eve Little man was told by the doctor he had tonsillitis. Christmas day came and he had a high temperature, sticky eye and had been up most of the night crying, So he was then very tired in the day. He is still on antibiotics and is a lot better now. Just feels like Christmas has come and gone so fast, as I was busy looking after little man most of the… View Post

Secret Santa part 2.

So I decided to get my secret Santa something funny. I got him a mug, which on the bottom says I’m a t**t. Good job I know him well enough to know he would take it as a joke and think it is funny. So when he is drinking out of the mug you can see what it says on the bottom. Most people got something rude such as nipple tassels, booby mugs, willy lollies etc. I however got something much better than any of that rubbish. I got a lovely bottle of my favourite red wine. I was very… View Post

Tuesday 18th December 2012, Where has the year gone???

  I can not believe that a week today, we will be opening presents and eating massive roast Turkey dinners. Where has this year gone? I am assuming a lot of people will now be on the wind down to Christmas now. I am looking forward to Christmas day so much this year. Our little man is now just over 19 months old, so he knows a lot more about what is going on. I’ve wrapped his presents so he is able to get his fingers into the paper and rip it open. I have wrapped every single present now.… View Post

Saturday 15th December 2012, Party time!!!

PARTY TIME Today little man attended his cousins 1st birthday party. It was the first birthday party he has been to. The party was at an indoor soft play area. Little man has always been a bit clingy when he is in a place he does not know, or if there are a lot of people about. I thought he would just want to be with us all the time and not go off and play. I was wrong he loved it. As soon as I put him down he ran off with his shoes on. I had to run… View Post

Saturday 15th December 2012. Christmas Tree

We have  finally got our Christmas tree up. I had the day off work on Thursday, and I made the house look very Christmassy. This was while little man was at nursery and the other half was at work. I left it late this year to put our tree up, this is due to the fact I know little man would pull the tree and baubles. I wasn’t wrong. Now the tree is up he wont leave it alone. I thought after a day or two he would get bored and leave it alone, but no he is far from… View Post

Thursday 13th December 2012. Today is the Day.

Today I have the day off work. The other half is at work, little man is at nursery. So what am I going to do? Well today is the day I am putting up our Christmas tree. We’re a bit late this year, but we have been so busy and not had chance to do it. When little man gets home from nursery and the other half gets home, the house will look like a grotto. Will post a picture later after I have put all our decorations out and the tree up.