Difficulty deciding on a bedroom colour scheme

A lot of you will know that we moved home in October 2017 and we are yet to decide on a colour scheme for our bedroom. Currently it is lilac with a purple shiny main wall and it really is way to much for us. I have been concentrating on the boys bedrooms since moving in as they were pink and purple, both of these have now been finished and I am over the moon with how they have turned out. I let each of the boys decide on their colour scheme with no direction from me and they look… View Post

Growing Organically at Home

Through social media and the news, every day we are being made more aware of the benefits of organic foods both to the environment and to our own health. By buying organically grown fruit and vegetables, we can decrease the substances our families consume and know that we are helping to protect the environment from any harmful chemicals spreading in streams or farm animals. However, the downside to organic buying is that is can become very expensive. Thankfully, it is actually possible to grow your own organic produce at home in your garden and greenhouse. With some easy steps, you can begin organically growing anything from salads,… View Post

Palace House – Newmarket

We have been so lucky to work with Discover Newmarket for the past couple of years. This Easter we were invited to an Easter event at Palace house and the kids were really EGGcited…. booom booom! Upon arrival at Palace house both children were given a bingo sheet to fill in as they walked around and an activity card which was right up their street. Our eldest loves anything like this and he helped his little brother who was just a bit too young at 3 years old. We arrived around lunch time and headed straight off to get lunch… View Post

Childproofing the kitchen

The arrival of little ones can be one of the most exciting, yet nerve-racking times. Parents worry about everything from dressing their babies warm enough, to ensuring the house is a safe haven. Although it is important to make your house safe for children, it does not need to be a stressful task. As the room we spend the most of our time in socialising, cooking and eating, the kitchen tends to be the first target on a parents’ child-proofing mission. That is why I have written down some great tips and good habits to help you turn the kitchen… View Post

Our son has Congenital Hypothyroidism – UPDATED

On the 15th September 2014 our beautiful second son was born, 5 days later our world was shattered when we found out he was born with congenital hypothyroidism. I posted 2 years ago about the day we found out our son had congenital hypothyroidism If you are at the start of your journey and have just ended up here, go back and read that post first. We are here now march 2018 3 years on and I am going to update you on our journey and where we are currently and how everything is now. Bubs is now 3 and a… View Post

Enhance your Outdoor, Enjoy the Open Space

Hanging out at your home patio, backyard or even office terrace is an elegant way to enjoy warm climate. However there are also the not so pleasant things present outside such as bugs, rain and extremely hot sun? Here are some helpful tips to help make the time you spend in your outside rooms more enjoyable. 1. Portray what you truly need from your open space – It sounds obvious, but the fact is that many designers and landscapers fail to give full justice to your available space. If the outdoor is not designed with a purpose then it may… View Post

Teaching Your Child How To Drive

When your child gets to a certain age they will start to become interested in driving. It is a skill which most people will need to learn in their lifetime for independence and job opportunities, and as a parent you can start this learning curve fairly early in their lives. Of course, teaching your child to drive is not going to be the most stress free thing you’ve ever done: but it can be a really great way for you to bond with each other and also for them to learn an essential life skill. If you plan to teach… View Post

Preparing your Family for a Motorhome Trip

Booking summer holidays every single year can be challenging for families. Not only are you restricted by having to travel during the summer holidays, for example, but it can also be challenging to seek out diverse or unusual opportunities. With this in mind, a motorhome or campervan trips offers genuine value for families. Investing in such a vehicle is an investment that can save you money on accommodation in the longer-term, for example, while it also enables you to explore more unusual locations throughout the UK. If you are planning your first motorhome trip this summer, however, you’ll need to make sure that you’re fully prepared. So, here… View Post

Hot Accessories for Summer

It is hard to believe it with the snow and bad weather we have had recently but summer will soon be with us and it will be time to put the hat, scarf and gloves away and get your summer accessories out in the sunshine. Say goodbye to big winter coats and thermals, say a big hello to cool sunglasses and summer fashion! If you haven’t started planning for the warmer months just yet then maybe the following ideas will help you to get in the mood for the warmer times ahead: Sunglasses – Ray-Bans are still going to be hot this year, as they… View Post

Working from home and being a parent

Are you a parent who works from home? Do you struggle juggling working and looking after the kids, I am lucky that my eldest is now in school and the other goes to nursery 2 days a week. This really gives me a massive break that I need to do anything on the blog or on our Youtube channel. It can be so hard to get the right balance between working from home and looking after the children. I found it a real struggle to start with but with nursery and school I have found it so much easier to… View Post