Working from home and being a parent

Are you a parent who works from home? Do you struggle juggling working and looking after the kids, I am lucky that my eldest is now in school and the other goes to nursery 2 days a week. This really gives me a massive break that I need to do anything on the blog or on our Youtube channel. It can be so hard to get the right balance between working from home and looking after the children. I found it a real struggle to start with but with nursery and school I have found it so much easier to… View Post

Let it snow #beastfromtheeast

With the kids being 6 and 3 they have only seen snow very few times in their young lives. Well this week certainly bought us an amazing amount of snow and we all loved it. The school was closed and it was total chaos on the roads. Everything came to a stand still apart from the sledges. We enjoyed 3 days out in the snow and it was such a good few days, the kids loved it, I loved it but unfortunately Doug had to work. He was working from home but couldn’t come out and enjoy the snow with… View Post

Is it really important to service your car?

In our increasingly hectic lives fitting in the car service can seem like a pain. The car’s running fine and just passed its MOT so why would it need a service? What’s more it’s not compulsory so why bother? Surely it’s just an unnecessary expense? If the above sounds familiar you’re not alone. I am actually guilty of not getting my car serviced and it was due 6 months ago. I simply can not find the time to drop the car off, then getting some to pick me up to take me home and then take me back to the… View Post

Millennial Renting

    Did you know that 1/5 of houses in the Uk are privately rented? The average rent costing £927 a month with London being higher with an average of £1593 a month. This is an absolute eye watering amount of money to be paying in rent however a lot of people just have no choice but to rent. Whilst a lot of people could afford the mortgage they just can’t get the deposit together to get the mortgage. I am very lucky and in a position where I own my own home but a lot of my friends are… View Post

Spring clothes wish-list with Wearall

With Spring on its way, although it may not seem like it but it is! I have been looking at some lovely spring/ summer tops and dresses from Wearall. I may be a bit earlier but who cares. I am so ready for the warmer days and lighter nights. I have put together a wishlist of some lovely items I need in my spring/summer wardrobe.Which one is your favourite? Olivia tie fronted knitted jumper dress – £26 Savage short sleeve long crop top – £15 Emma Sequin Rock Eagle jumper – £26 Harley floral embroidered dip hem shirt – £25… View Post

An honest letter to the NHS

Dear NHS I just wanted to write a letter to let you know that although you are currently in ‘crisis’ you have never failed me or our boys. We have had to use you many times and each and every time I have been more than happy by the wonderful service you have provided. When I was 24 I used you to have a baby, I was induced and ended up with an emergency section. The care I received all the way through from first going into hospital to leaving with my baby with second to none. You did everything… View Post

Moving home means moving school

In October 2017 we moved home and we actually moved out of the area we were in. We haven’t moved too far away but at rush hour it can take about 30 minutes to do the school run back to the school Little Man is still at. In reality he needs to move school but I just can’t bare to move him as he is doing so well where he is, he has friends and he is settled. Thing is though if he moves school when it comes to moving to secondary school there is a much better choice of… View Post

Brio Train Set Review

My youngest little boy was 3 in September and for a very long time now he has absolutely loved the Brio Train sets. We have accumulated a lot over the last couple of years and he plays with it a lot. I really enjoying building up the set for him and then watching him play and he will play with it for hours. The best thing about it is that you can buy different sets, bridges and tunnels and they all link up together, so building small or big sets is so easy. Each track piece is wooden and very… View Post

The Future for Blogging Mummy?

I started Blogging 5 years ago and it has been the best hobby I have ever started. Usually I start something and 5 minutes later I am bored of it or just can’t be bothered any more. I think most of my family and myself included are shocked I have been blogging for so long. Truth be told I love it, I’ve met so many lovely friends and had so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t taken up this great hobby. As time has gone on I have been asked to do Youtube Videos I have… View Post

Our Perfect Escape for Winter

Here in the UK we never seem to get a full-blown winter. Its gets cold and icy with the odd snowy shower if we are lucky, if the snow does settle it turns to slush in no time. With this in mind Julian Charles have asked us to think about where our dream winter destination would be. As a family we love the sun and beach holidays but sometimes it is nice to embrace the snow and winter. We can wrap up warm and enjoy the short winter days and snuggle up at night in front of the open log… View Post