The Six Best Things About an AGA

The Six Best Things About an AGA When you have an AGA oven you’ll find that it’s not just a household appliance, it’s a state of mind. There’s thousands of homes in the UK and Ireland that couldn’t live without their AGA, and here’s six reasons why. Your AGA really can do everything There’s an oven or a hotplate for everything; from flash-frying vegetables to simmering an amazing sauce to roasting a joint of lamb to perfection, your AGA will do it all for you. It uses a gentler, radiant heat to do the business, rather than direct heat, which can dry out your food.… View Post

Must-Visit Cities for Families Travelling to Europe

Europe is a vast place, so it’s only natural that you’d feel a little overwhelmed when you’re trying to decide where to visit on your trip across the continent. Exploring cities can be perfect for families because it means that your kids don’t get bored the way they might in a more rural setting. There are always things to do and places to visit, with new discoveries to be found around just about every corner. But if you’re not sure which European cities your family should visit, here are some of the most family-friendly options that deserve your careful consideration.… View Post

We are going to Lapland

Many years ago back in 1993 when I was 6 years old my Mum and Dad took me to Lapland and still to this day I remember so much about it. We took a video recorder and have recently had the footage transferred from VHS to DVD and it really was amazing to watch. For the last couple of years I have wanted to take the boys and I wanted them to be old enough to remember everything but not too old to not believe in Santa, lets face it the magical part is seeing Santa isn’t it. As a… View Post

Wooden Labyrinth from BRIO Review.

When I was a lot younger I had a wooden labyrinth and loved it so much. I knew the boys would love it especially Little Man who is now 7. I think that at some point most people will have played or remember the wooden Labyrinth game. The game is made of wood and its made in my opinion to a very high standard. It is really easy to move with the little knobs on each side and 2 silver balls which are included. I think the game is fantastic for concentration because this game is not easy and requires… View Post

Happy 7th Birthday to my first born

Today Monday 7th May 2018 Little Man turns 7. I say this every year and most likely will forever but where does the time go. I actually can not believe he is 7 today and what ana amazing 7 years it has been with such a precious little boy. At times it has been challenging as it is with children but on the whole it has been a real pleasure to have you with us for this time. I hope you continue to grow and become more and more amazing as the years go by. We all love you so… View Post

Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home For Summer

Throughout the winter months you may find that your home starts to lose some of its character and sparkle. From blocked gutters through to cracked window ledges, the slightest issue can have a knock-on effect and result in your home looking dull and uninviting. With summer only a few months away, now is the perfect time to focus on the maintenance required to bring your home back to life, so that you can have a warm and welcoming home for those bright summer days! Bringing the Exterior Back to Life From September through to March we see a lot of heavy weather conditions, with heavy rainfall… View Post

Things to do in London

Living only 45 minutes away from London means we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy amazing days out with little travel involved. London is an amazing city and I have visited many times by myself and with the family. There are so many things you can do whether you are a family, single or looking for a romantic break away. From going to see Shrek, seeing London from the London eye, or going to one of the many free museums there really is something to suit anyone of any age. Last year we visited the Shard for Doug’s… View Post

5 Top Days Out for the School Holidays

The school holidays are on the way so it is time to start thinking about things to do. Whether your kids enjoy being outdoors or prefer to be playing with some form of technology, there are plenty of exciting days out lying ahead. Let’s hope that some nice weather is on its way this summer! 1. Boat Lakes Ahoy there! Why not take to the seas (or your local boating lake) for a day of water- based fun. Take a look at the different watersports activity centres in your area or try a bit further afield if there are no local ones. You could try… View Post

Peterborough Truckfest 2018 and promo code for tickets

Are you heading off to Truckfest this year? I have been most years since being young and my kids now love it just as much. We are going to Peterborough Truckfest and will be going on Sunday 6th May, the day before Little Man turns 7! Truckfest really is a great day and I am hoping and praying that it is going to be a nice warm day, in fact as long as it doesn’t rain I will be happy. This year looks super exciting with so much going on in the main arena, fair rides for the kids and… View Post

Bottle Feeding the Lambs

Last week we took a trip to our local farm where the little baby lambs had been born. The kids were so excited and couldn’t wait to see the baby lambs, luckily there were lots of babies and the kids were so excited to bottle feed one. Not only were there lambs but we saw pigs and goats and the kids got to brush a pony. Cant say Little Man was too into that but it was cute and the pony loved all the attention and brushing it was getting. We arrived at 1230 pm and it wasn’t actually feeding… View Post